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When you take a drive from Chennai towards Pondicherry on the East Coast Road, you can notice that either sides of the tollway have a multitude of flora and fauna. Out of them standing tall and proud are our native palm trees, also called as panai maram(in tamil). These trees grow wild and require very less water to thrive. Though they have a multitude of uses, they are not commercially grown on groves or farms like the coconut trees.

Palm trees have a bounty of uses and there are a number of artisans who base their livelihoods on these trees. If asked today, a number of city dwellers would know only about the Toddy collected from the palm tree, but from the palm fruit, to the nungu or Ice Apple, Palm Sugar, Palm Jaggery are also some of the products that is obtained from these trees.

Palm leaves are hardy and have been used as a medium to write on in the past. Today palm leaves are mostly used to make mats, baskets, bags, boxes and other decorative items too.

We have palm floor mats in bright and beautiful patterns. These mats are simply amazing. They are washable but without soap. They are very easy to use and cool to the touch. Even during the scorching summer months, these mats can be an inviting refuge with their cool nature. They are very light and can be folded for storage purposes too.

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