What is seasoning?

Seasoning is the process of application of cooking oil to a new iron/cast iron cookware and heating it at appropriate temperatures for it to absorb the oil. Any cooking oil that is regularly used can be applied for this purpose. Application of oil and heating is done continuously at our premises for 3 weeks for an iron/cast iron vessel to make it ready to use.

To start with, we will scrub and clean the vessels with soap water and remove all the dirt and grime sticking to it. Then the vessel is washed with clean cold water. After this each vessel is dried with a towel. Then cold pressed sesame oil is applied on all of them. Oil is applied all over the surface of the vessel. This includes the cooking surface and the outer surface too. Then the vessels are left to dry in sun light for a few hours. Towards evening, all the vessels are stored inside. The next morning, oil is applied once again and the vessels are left out in the sun. This process continues for two weeks. Once this process is complete, the vessels are cleaned with a dry cloth. Oil is applied liberally over the cooking surface and the vessel is heated at a low temperature for 3-4 minutes. This continues for 5-6 days. After which the vessel is ready for use.

This is the process followed for seasoning an iron or cast iron vessel. The intention of seasoning is to make these vessels ready to use. With prolonged usage, the oil absorbed inside the cookware will prevent the vessel from getting rusted.

The seasoning process for clay and soapstone cookware is slightly different and will be explained in the subsequent posts.

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