Back to Our Roots

26th May 2019 | 5:30PM to 7:30PM   |   Essential Traditions by Kayal, Rukmani Road, Besant Nagar

Recreating or reminiscing our childhood days always starts with the familiar flavors and aroma that emanates from our grandmoms kitchen. Though a lot of it has to do with passed down recipes of each family, it also has to do with the fresh ingredients and the well seasoned traditional cookware that they used. With the new found knowledge of olden and natural ways of living with nature, we are moving back to our roots and starting to look up to them. One of which is the traditional cookware. A lot of us do not know the intricacies of cooking with these beautiful hand made wonders. So this event, is to take you through the basic steps of using these cookware. We will also explain the maintenance and care instructions to be followed. It will be a hands on event, where you can clear all your doubts and questions about using seasoned cookware.

We will discuss in detail about the basics of seasoning, cooking and cleaning of each type of cookware.

Discussions about the health and holistic benefits of using traditional cookware will also be a part of the evening. We will serve some pot cooled masala buttermilk for the participants. Questions are a big part of understanding, so we welcome as many questions from you as well.

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