Antique Eeya Chombu (Tin Vessel)


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WeightLength WidthHeightVolumeDiameter
645 g13 cm10 cm13 cm 1.3L 10 CM
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Velleeyam is the Tamil name for Tin. This vessel is made with the best quality tin available in the market. These vessels are specifically used for making rasam. In a traditional South Indian household, rasam is made with an eeya pathiram. The taste, flavor, aroma is unique and that is mainly attributed to the amount of time the rasam takes to cook. Once yellow froth collects together on top of the eeya pathiram, that’s the perfect time to switch off the stove and let the rasam sit in the vessel before serving

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Weight 645 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 13 cm


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