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Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.


Cast Iron Dutch Ovens are one of the most versatile kitchenware that you can own. Why? Because it can be use to broil, bake, sear and deep-fry. What’s more? You can even use it to bake bread. If you must buy one useful addition to your kitchen this month, let it be this beautiful dutch oven.

Every piece of our Cast Iron Dutch Oven has been made by the hands of rural artisans. They’re crafted with a lot of love and care, so each piece is unique and may carry slight variations.


Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.

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Brass Cookpot Lid
Plastics are the aliens that have invaded our households by and large. With plastic bags and storage containers flooding every kitchen has become their headquarters. Plastics have become inevitable. Have you wondered what life was like before plastic bags? It was certainly better. Both in terms of health and sustainability. Life was better when our ancestors used reusable and recyclable cookware and storage containers made of traditional metals.

Now that the world is waking up to the hazards of plastic, it is high time we get back to our roots. The switch to a more sustainable lifestyle is the need of the hour. We must reduce the dependency on plastics especially when it comes to cooking, storing, or serving food.

The invasion of micro-plastics into our blood streams is a shocking truth that insists on the importance of using non-toxic and 2x healthier traditional metal cookware.

EThical presents to you a wide range of traditional metallic cookware that is made up of brass, cast iron, copper, and soapstone. Bringing home the brass cookpot lid from ETbyKayal could be a great start for you to explore and experience the goodness of metallic cookware and storage containers.

Here is why the brass cookpot lid will be a great buy:

The brass cookpot lid from ETbyKayal is made up of 100% pure metal. Each product is crafted with care by skilled artisans who bear years of experience and unmatched expertise. Hence the brass cookpot lid is absolutely durable. It can withstand huge impacts and cannot be destroyed anytime soon. The brass cookpot lid is presented to you in supreme quality that stands out amidst the regular cookpot lids in the market.

The brass cookpot lid is a healthier alternative to plastic lids. The plastic lids are found to release toxic chemicals into the food if it is used to cover up hot food. The steam from the food melts most plastics enabling the mix-up of toxins into the food. This harms the health of you and your loved ones. The plastic lids are promoted as cheap ones, but in reality, these plastic ware costs us our health. The brass cookpot lid from ETbyKayal is a great alternative to the healthy plastic cookpot lids that are being widely used.

A sustainable lifestyle is the need of the hour. When the world as a whole is making ardent efforts to reduce the non-perishables and their subsequent carbon footprints, it is not wise to keep using plastic cookpot lids. The brass cookpot lid from ETbyKyal is eco-friendly and it can be both recycled and upcycled at any point in time. It isn’t a non-degradable product like plasticware. Hence bring home the brass cookpot lid from ETbyKayal and out and out environmentally friendly cookware.

The plastic lids have a very minimal lifespan. It cannot be used for more than 6 to 12 months regularly without having to replace it. The brass cookpot lid from ETbyKayal is cost-effective as it can be used for years together. It can also be passed on to generations to come to carry forward the tradition. The brass cookpot lid requires very little to no maintenance. Hence it is a great alternative to the plastic ones, not just in terms of health but in terms of the financial perspective as well.

The brass cookpot lid can be used to cover almost any cookpot. Hence it is a multi-purpose product that will give you great utility. The brass cookpot lid from EtbyKayal fits perfectly with the wide range of brass cookpot and kadais from ETbykayal. Try your hands at the traditional cookpots, lid, and kadais, and rejuvenate your kitchen.

Why postpone a healthier lifestyle? Order your brass cookpot lid from ETbyKayal today. Contact us now!

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  1. Sharbani Pal

    Very happy with all my purchases with ETBK.Authentic cookware delivered fast and very well packed.Thank you

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