Brass Idly Steamer- 12 Cavities


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Our hand made tin lined brass idli steamer will be a treasured addition to your kitchen. You can make the softest most fragrant idli s in our steamer. In addition to which the steamer can be used for steaming vegetables, idiyappam, rice, etc. These steamers are hand made by artisans from Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

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Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 30 cm

8 Cavities, 10 Cavities

Brass Idly Steamer- 12 Cavities

Is your idly steamer getting too old? Are you looking to replace it with a new and a better one? Bring home a brass idly steamer that isn’t just better, but healthy as well. The house of ETbyKayal brings you the best brass idly steamer in town. Here is what you need to know about brass utensils before you decide to add one to the cart.

Improves immunity

Cooking in brass utensils has been a traditional custom. Our ancestors cooked food in authentic brass vessels day in and day out. It is found that these brass utensils were also a key factor in helping them lead a hail and healthy life. Modern day cookware fails to give us the benefits of eating healthy cooked food. Cooking in brass vessels can improve your immunity and help you increase your overall body strength. Switching over to a brass idly steamer could be the first step in the right direction.

Good for your skin

Who doesn’t love healthy skin. Adorning a healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight. It has got much to do with what we eat rather than just our skin care routine. The goodness of the metal gets dispersed into the ingredients during the process of cooking. Consuming the food cooked from brass utensils, will help your body produce the right amount of melanin, naturally. This is a potential great start to healthier skin and a softer skin tone. Choosing to eat soft, hot idlis cooked in a brass idly steamer, could be your new morning skin care routine.

Increases hemoglobin count

Iron deficiency has become increasingly prevalent amongst the younger generation. Intake of a balanced diet and nutrition rich food turns out to be the only solution to lead a healthy life. Cooking in traditional metallic cookware can be a great start to a nutrition rich food. Preparing your idlis in a brass idly steamer will result in the increased hemoglobin count in your blood over the course of time. So replace your  iron supplements with a brass idly steamer for long lasting results. 

Retains food quality

The nutrients in the food we cook are long lost amidst the cooking process. Modern day non-stick pans and steamers tend to induce harmful chemicals into the ingredients while cooking. It is quite sad that we are all actually plating unpalatable food for our families. Replacing your modern utensils with traditional cookware will help you walk clean of guilt. Brass utensils help in retaining the goodness of the ingredients used for cooking. Cook your idlis with a brass idly steamer to relish a hot and healthy breakfast that is free from toxic chemicals.

Cures illness

The benefits of cooking in brass cookware isn’t minimal. Using brass vessels to cook is found to detox the blood. Brass cookware aids in purifying your blood to a great extent. As respiratory diseases have become quite common amongst people of different age groups, brass cookware helps in resolving several respiratory issues as well. Who would have thought that one can breathe better by choosing a brass cookware. Now, get trademark south Indian idlis and endless health benefits by bringing home the brass idli steamer from the house of ETbyKayal.

Tastes better

The authentic taste of food is lost while cooking in modern non-stick cookware. Traditional recipes do not bring nostalgia anymore. This is because the teflon coating in the new age non-stick vessels release toxic chemicals into the food during the cooking process. The food loses the natural delicacy and ends up reaching our taste buds with a great amount of toxicity. Brass utensils ensure that the nutritive value and the taste of the ingredients are retained during the process. This ensures healthy and tasty food on our plates. The brass idly steamer from the warehouse of ETbyKayal, ensures your family a healthy breakfast, everyday.

Now that the benefits of brass utensils aren’t news to you anymore, go ahead and kart the best brass idly steamer in town. The traditional cookware from ETbyKayal are authentic, durable and made of purely natural raw materials. Get the experience of healthy cooking now.

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