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Brass Kuzhi Karandi

Embrace your roots and usher in the old-school way of living by bringing brass utensils into your daily cooking methods. Used by our ancestors, metals like Brass are therapeutic in nature and apart from their resilience, food cooked using these utensils leave you and your family nourished.

Crafted by the hands of abled rural artisans, our Brass Kuzhi Karandi has a deep centre that’s perfect for cooking Sambar, Rasam and other runny gravies. Traditional Pure Brass vessels can also help in strengthening your immunity and increasing your haemoglobin count. So, bid goodbye to the cheap and hazardous steel, aluminium and non-stick cookware and bring back our traditional and enriching methods of cooking.

Note: Each of our utensils come with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.

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Weight 90 g

Brass Kuzhi Karandi

Brass Kuzhi Karandi
The usage of traditional metalware for cooking and storing has been fading over the years. Our kitchens have been invaded by plastics by and large. The unhealthy lifestyle we lead today has got something to do with this increased dependency on plastics. Our ancestors lived a more sustainable and eco-friendly life by using reusable metalware and utensils. This habit paved the way to increased health, immunity, and overall well-being of people three to four decades ago.

When it comes to serving food the metalware culture is found to be long lasting and most Indian families serve food in plastic spoons. This is a degenerative habit and a harmful one. In a time when we have detected microplastics in the human bloodstream, it is pivotal to replace the plastics used to store and swerve food with a more sustainable alternative.

EtbyKayal brings a wide range of brass metalware that are healthy, safe, and eco-friendly. The brass kuzhi karandi brought to you from us is an absolute game-changer that will pave the way to receive the goodness of the past. Here is why the brass kuzhi karandi will be a great choice:

Highly cost-effective

The plastic serving spoons might seem cheap but have a very short life span. These serving spoons will have to be changed time and again. Moreover, serving hot food in plastic spoons is found to be harmful and might affect the health of your loved ones. This is a huge risk to take, especially when you have better alternatives like the brass kuzhi karandi from EtbYKayal. It is durable and can be used for years together. Hence it is the most cost-effective alternative to plastic spoons that barely lasts 6 months.

100% environment friendly

Plastic spoons are non-perishables. As the world is making small little lifestyle modifications by switching over to metal straws, paper cups and cloth bags, the plastic serving spoons can be replaced with brass kuzhi karandi as well. It would be a great start to reducing your plastic footprint on this planet. This will create a positive impact in your closest circle, inducing them to take the first step to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle as well. The brass kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal is 100% eco-friendly and can be recycled and upcycled in the future. Hence the brass kuzhi karandi is not just good for you and your family but the planet as well.

Enhances taste

Serving food in a brass kuzhi karandi is found to enhance the taste of the food. Storing the cooked food in plastic hot packs and serving them with plastic serving spoons is found to reduce the aroma and flavor of the cooked food to a great extent. Using traditional metalware to store and serve food will ensure that the authentic taste of the food is retained. Brassware is found to release zinc into the food which makes a food 2x healthier as well. Hence delight in good food, cooked, stored, and served hot using traditional metalware. Why delay? Order your favorite utensil from ETbyKayal now!

Purifies blood

Regular use of brassware has proven health benefits. It releases zinc into the food that is being cooked and served. The goodness of zinc is found to increase the hemoglobin count and purifies the blood. It detoxes the body and keeps you and your loved ones naturally healthy. Hence replacing your plastic serving spoon with the traditional brass kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal is a great choice not just financially but health-wise as well.

Improves Immunity

Food, when consumed regularly from brass metalware improves the overall immunity of the body. In testing times like the pandemic, as we make the necessary efforts to enhance our body immunity to stay protected from the virus, it is important to incorporate tiny lifestyle modifications like these. Replace the plastic serving spoons with the brass kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal.

Still, thinking? Make a wise choice. Bring home the brass kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal today. Place your order now!

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