Brass Storage Container


Product Dimensions
VariationWeightLength Height
Extra-large1.35 kg-22 cm
Large1 kg-18 cm
Big750 g-16 cm
Medium530 g-14 cm
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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions N/A

SET OF 6, Extra-large, Large, Big, Medium, Small, Extra Small

Brass Storage Container

Brass Storage Container
When we say storage containers, today's generation could only think of plastic ones. This is because plastic storage containers have replaced all other traditional storage containers made of authentic metals. This plastic revolution has had a detrimental effect on the health of mankind. Finding microplastics in our bloodstream isn’t something that we had anticipated right?

So how do we overcome the shock? How do we reverse the situation? Is the situation reversible? Yes, it very well is. For which we must get back to the roots. Our ancestors lived a healthier life than we. The credit for this is primarily shared by their way of cooking and storing food. Replacing the plastic storage containers with metallic ones like the brass will be a smart move. Here is why brass  have an edge over their plastic counterparts.


Usage of a brass to store cooked food and uncooked raw ingredients has been a tradition for decades. Metallic containers bring plenty of health benefits to the table. While the plastic containers do more harm than good, the

brass storage container

adds not just aesthetic value to your kitchen but a good deal of nutritive value as well.


While the plastic storage containers are non-perishable and add to the plastic burden of the planet, the brass is a great eco-friendly option. As the world is feeling the dire need to switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle, choosing a brass over plastic ones will be a great start. The

brass storage container

from ETbyKayal can be upcycled and recycled at any point in time, making it useful to the last dime.


Remember the tradition of passing on utensils across generations? They had vanished only since the advent of plastic storage containers. The plastic containers are cheap but these storage containers will have to be replaced time and again. The

brass storage container

from EtbyKayal is cost-effective because it can be used for years together without looking for replacements. Buying a single brass storage container is financially smarter than buying a great number of plastic storage containers. It also requires little to no maintenance and only gets better with use. Why wait? Bring home a brass storage container from ETbyKayal today!


The brass storage container from ETbyKayal is absolutely durable. It is crafted to perfection by skilled artisans with many years of experience. It can withstand a huge impact since it is made up of top-quality metals. It is physically indestructible due to the impeccable quality of the product. Even with regular use, it can be used for decades without having to be repaired or replaced. Still thinking? Place your order for the brass storage container from us, now!

Healthier alternative

The brass storage container is not just a financially viable option, but it brings endless benefits to you and your loved ones. The brass is found to enhance bodily strength. It makes a positive impact on the immunity of the body. In times when a strong immune strength is a prerequisite to survival, daily lifestyle modifications will help us stay safe and healthy. Consuming food stored in a brass storage container increases hemoglobin count in the body and makes your skin look and feel healthy inside out. It helps in pacifying the aggressions and burning sensations in the body. Regular consumption of food from brass can result in enhanced health and well-being for you and your loved ones.

The brass storage container is clearly a league above the usual storage containers. With a great combination of health & financial benefits, it turns out to be a great choice to store food and cooking ingredients. Bring home your own brass storage container from ETbyKayal today. Place your order now!

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