Brass Storage Container


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VariationWeightLength Height
Extra-large1.35 kg-22 cm
Large1 kg-18 cm
Big750 g-16 cm
Medium530 g-14 cm
Small450 g-13 cm
Extra Small350 g-11 cm
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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions N/A

SET OF 6, Extra-large, Large, Big, Medium, Small, Extra Small

Brass Storage Container

Brass Storage Container

The plastic revolution was more like a war waged on traditional metalwares by the modern plasticwares. Our kitchens are flooded with plastic storage containers in all shapes, sizes and colors. This increasing trend has resulted in a shocking reveal by the health care experts. Plastics have now invased our bloodstreams as well. Micro-plastics have been detected in our human bloodstream, which is a great threat to our mankind.

The present generation is greatly dependent on plasticware to store and serve food. But our ancestors were wise to use authentic metalware for the same purpose. No wonder their lifestyle was more sustainable and healthier than us. The usage of traditional metalware has faded over the years. ETbyKayal has sworn to bring back the good old tradition of using brass, copper and cast iron utensils to cook, store and serve goods. We present to you the brass storage container from our wide range of brassware. Here is why the brass storage container from ETbyKayal is a league apart from the regular ones.

Healthy alternative

Unlike the plastic containers, the brass storage container from ETb Kayal isn;t harmful to the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. When hot food is stored in a plastic container, the inner walls melt and the toxic chemicals are added to the food. This hampers the overall health and wellness of your family. This is why there is a dearth need for a sustainable and a healthier alternative. The brass storage container from ETbyKayal comes to the rescue as a great and a healthier alternative to toxic plastic containers.

Authentic storage

In scenarios like this, there could be no better solution than going back to the roots. Replacing your plastic storage containers with traditional ones is found to have a positive impact on your health. Storing in plastic containers also fails to retain the authentic aroma and the flavor of the food and the ingredients that are stored in it. Though marketed as air tight containers, the ingredients, especially the spices, lose their original flavors when stored in plastic boxes. The usage of brass storage container is bound to keep the food and the ingredients fresh and flavourful even after hours of cooking. The metallic containers in general have greater heat retention and hence the food stored hot can be served hot even after a long period.

Hygienic container

Brass has antibacterial properties by nature. Hence there couldn’t be a safer place to store your cooked food as well as cooking ingredients. Since, brass is an alloy of copper, it can keep the food stored in it free from the creation of microbes and harmful bacteria. Rice, dal or other spices stored in the brass storage container from ETbyKayal, will be preserved naturally by the goodness of brass. Hence storing your cooked food and cooking ingredients in the brass storage container is the most hygienic way to do so. In a time and space where an invisible virus is threatening the existence of lives on earth, it is important to make wise choices and stay uncompromised when it comes to the health of your family.


The brass storage container from ETbyKayal is not just a healthier choice, but also the most cost-effective one. The shelf-life of the plastic containers aren’t really great. They have to be replaced from time to time. Though plastic storage boxes are cheap and easily available in the market, these containers cannot be used for a long period. The brass storage container on the other hand, has got very high durability. It can be used for years together without worrying about repair or replacement. The brass storage container from ETbyKayal is made up of 100% natural raw materials and is crafted by skilled artisans. Hence it can withstand high impact and can be used for decades to come.


As there is a pressing need to switch over to a sustainable lifestyle, bringing home the brass storage container from ETbyKayal could be a great start to mark your transition towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The brass storage container can be recycled as well as upcycled once it is out of use. Reduce the planet off its plastic burden by making a wise choice today.

Why rethink? Order your brass storage container from ETbyKayal today! Contact us now!


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