Bronze Kadai


Product Dimensions
VariationWeightLength WidthHeightDiameterVolume
10 INCHES2.3 kg25 cm25 cm6 cm 2L 10 INCHES
12 INCHES3.2 kg28 cm28 cm8 cm 3L 12 INCHES
Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.


Size Approx 12 Inches

Additional information

Weight 3.240 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 8 cm


Bronze Kadai

Bronze Kadai

Bronze kadais used to be a regular utensil in traditional Indian kitchens almost three decades ago. The benefits that these kadais bring to the table are immense. Let’s understand the wonders cooking in a bronze kadai does to our health.

Improves immunity

Bronze kadai from ETbyKayal is made of pure metals and hence they bring to you holistic benefits of using it frequently. It improves gut health and boosts immunity keeping you and your family healthy, safe and happy. Food cooked in a bronze kadai will reduce inflammation and will help increase the hemoglobin levels of the body. This will give your family the most essential immunity, especially amidst the uncertainty the pandemic has brought in.

Hygienic vessel

Bronze is an excellent metal in preventing water-borne diseases like diarrhea and jaundice. It keeps the food being cooked from the influence of bad bacteria and hence ensures the wellbeing of the family. The metal has got antibacterial properties that cleanse the food and make it all the more healthy to consume as well. This results in improved metabolism, better digestive health and hence catalyzes the weight loss process.

Relieves stress

Bronze since the good old times is known for its healing properties. But the scope of its healing nature isn’t known fully by most people. Cooking in a bronze kadai isn’t just good for physical health but mental health as well. Bronze as a metal helps in achieving holistic healing of the body and mind relieves stress and anxiety to a great level.

Enhances brain function

Bronze enhances cognitive functions and enhances brain development. Regular use of bronze utensils for cooking will sharpen your intellectual skills and keep your brain alert and shrewd consequently. It is a great brain stimulant and helps in developing brain functions, especially in kids and young adults.

Aids weight loss process

If you are looking to shed some extra kgs, then coupling your exercise with a good diet is mandatory. Cooking in a bronze kadai is found to make the food more digestible than when it is cooked in a regular non-stick kadai. It helps in eliminating fat and ensures healthy cooked food for your family. Improved metabolism translates into faster weight loss and hence quicker progress.

Health benefits

Cooking in bronze kadais made by ETbyKayal will enhance cardiovascular health and will prevent the occurrence of risky heart diseases. It improves skin conditions naturally and gives you healthy and younger-looking skin. Cooking in bronze kadai will also improve your eyesight when used regularly. Usage of bronze utensils will enhance your nervous system and will keep you safe from ailments. It is also found to have a positive impact on eyesight. Hence, just by replacing your existing non-stick kadai with a bronze kadai, you get to modify your lifestyle and incorporate a healthier one.

Made by experts

The bronze kadais brought to you by experts are crafted by skilled artisans. Each kadai is made to absolute perfection to give you a great cooking experience. 100% natural metals are used in crafting these kadais and hence the benefits of the metal get infused into the food cooked in it. 

Regular usage of bronze kadai gives you impeccable benefits which are otherwise absent in other non-stick kadais. The bronze kadai presented by ETbyKayal is durable and cost-effective. Hence getting a bronze kadai for your kitchen will not just improve the aesthetics but also the health and well-being of your family. Buying this bronze kadai will be one of the smartest choices you will make. Why wait? Get the best bronze kadais in the business from ETbyKayal. Place your order now!

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