Bronze Uruli


Product Dimensions
VariationWeightLength HeightDiameterVolume
12 Inches3.5 kg-10.5 cm 3.8 Litres 12 Inches
11 Inches3.9 kg-9.5 cm 3 litres 11 INCHES
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Bronze Uruli

Make tasty payasam or yummy biriyani this handmade urli. Cooking and eating the food made in these vessels provide the body with many of the essential micronutrients. Bronze is made with a combination of Tin and Copper and this metal blend helps your body to be rid of acidity and in Ayurveda, bronze utensils are also said to neutralize Vata and Pitta.

However, steer clear of cooking Tamarind based meals in your Bronze Cook pot as the metal leeches on to the food rendering it inconsumable.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions N/A

10 Inches, 11 Inches, 12 Inches


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