Brass Coffee Filter and Davara Set Combo


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A South-Indian kitchen is incomplete without this traditional Brass Coffee Filter. Spoonfuls of freshly-ground coffee powder is filled in the upper compartment. Boiling water is then poured over it and the lid is closed. Slowly, drops of freshly brewed aromatic decoction trickle to the lower compartment. This decoction is then mixed with milk and sugar to make your morning cuppa.

Many steel filters have now replaced the ancient Brass filters, but when it comes to its taste and therapeutic properties, Brass filters are truly unmatched. These Brass Coffee filters are truly timeless and with proper care, they can last through generations.

So, if you love your morning coffee, give it a traditional twist by making it in one of our Brass Coffee Filters, made manually by our rural artisans. This Combo comes up with one Coffee Filter and 2 Davara Set.

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Note: Each of our utensils comes with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

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Brass Coffee Filter and Davara Set Combo

Brass Coffee Filter and Davara Set Combo
How much does a good cup of hot filter coffee cost? A dime? A long walk or a ride to your favorite cafe? Not any more. What if we told you that it would only cost you your time? Yes, you read that right! Now prepare traditional filter coffee right at your home. Wonder how? EtbyKayal makes it possible. Presenting to you, an incredible brass coffee filter and davara set combo. Quit spending much on a small cup of filter coffee.

Here is why the brass coffee filter and davara set combo from ETbyKayal is nothing but the best:

Start your day with a great cup of homemade filter coffee every morning. Kick-start your work with a super hot coffee to get all the energy you need to move mountains. Coffee is not just a beverage, in Indian households, it is an emotion. As the tradition of filter coffees has faded, instant coffee powders have taken over our kitchen shelves. But these instant coffee powders have failed to match the incredible taste of traditional filter coffees. Even the costliest of coffee powders in the market fail to give us the fulfillment that filter coffee does. Hence ETbyKayal looks to bring back the goodness of the past. Let’s bring back the tradition of preparing authentic filter coffee with brass coffee filter and davara set combo. Order yours from ETbyKayal, now!


The brass coffee filter and davara set combo from the warehouse of EtbyKayal are absolutely cost-effective. The combo is made up of 100% natural raw material and it is extremely durable. It can withstand huge impacts and can be used for years together with little to no maintenance. The brassware from ETbyKayal is crafted by skilled artisans who bring with them multiple years of experience and a great level of expertise. Hence the brass coffee filter and davara set combo would be a great buy. It can be used for decades conveniently without having to worry about replacing it any time soon. But the brass coffee filter and davara set combo and save upon the out-of-pocket expenditure that is done on coffee at restaurants and safes for years to come.

Authentic Coffee
What makes the traditional filter coffee outstanding? It is its authentic aroma and flavor. As the steaming hot coffee is held in hand, the aroma of the beverage awakens the brain for a hectic day ahead. This authenticity is lost when coffee is prepared using instant coffee powders. Preparing your everyday coffee using a brass coffee filter will ensure that the natural aroma of coffee gets retained and gives you a wholesome coffee experience. Relish in authentic filter coffee day in and day out with ETbyKayal. Order your brass coffee filter and davara set combo right away!

Health Benefits
The health benefits brass cookware and utensils bring to the table are immense. It is surprising to know that our ancestors were wise enough to use brass and other traditional metalware regularly. They stayed healthier and lived longer due to a balanced diet pattern and better lifestyle choices. Regular use of brass utensils is found to enhance the overall strength of the body and improves immunity as well. Hence bringing home the brass coffee filter and davara set combo from ETbykayal is not just a financially viable choice but it is a smart health choice as well.

Best choice
Talking about choices, are you someone who puts coffee over everything else? Then this is the best combo you can ever get! EtbyKayal presents this amazing combo of brass coffee filter and davara set combo for the coffee lovers out there. Place your order now!

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