Bronze Kuzhi Karandi


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Bronze Kuzhi Karandi

Embrace your roots and usher in the old-school way of living by bringing bronze utensils into your daily cooking methods. Used by our ancestors, metals like bronze are therapeutic in nature and apart from their resilience, food cooked using these utensils leave you and your family nourished.

Crafted by the hands of abled rural artisans, our Bronze Kuzhi Karandi has a deep centre that’s perfect for cooking Sambar, Rasam and other runny gravies. Traditional Pure Brass vessels can also help in strengthening your immunity and increasing your haemoglobin count. So, bid goodbye to the cheap and hazardous steel, aluminium and non-stick cookware and bring back our traditional and enriching methods of cooking.

Note: Each of our utensils come with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.

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Bronze Kuzhi Karandi

Bronze Kuzhi Karandi
All that is bronze is good. Bronze was one of the traditional metals that were used to make utensils and cookware during the good old times. Our ancestors were wise to have realized the countless benefits bronze metalware brings to the table.

EtbyKayal aims to revive the good old tradition of bronze utensils. We present bronze kuzhi karandi to give your kitchen an antique touch. But that is not the only reason you should bring home this incredible piece of metalware. Here is why bronzeware is the best for your home kitchen.

Nutrient Value

Unlike the plastic serving spoons, the bronze kuzhi karandi retains the nutritive value of the food. The usage of bronze utensils for cooking, serving, and eating is not just a tradition but a healthy tradition too. The cooked food has to be served in a manner that the full benefits and the nutritive value of the ingredients are experienced in a wholesome manner. The plastic serving spoons do more harm than good. As the shocking scientific reports reveal, it is high time we reduce and nullify the dependence on plastics in our everyday life. Let the change begin small. Bring home the bronze kuzhi karandi from EtbyKayal today.

The bronze kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal is extremely durable. While the ordinary serving spoons and kuzhi karandi have a very short lifespan, the bronze kuzhi karandi from our warehouse can be used for generations to come. The utensil is crafted by skilled craftsmen at EtbyKayal. Hence the utensil is durable and strong. It can withstand huge impacts and can be used for years together. This bronze kuzhi karandi needn’t be replaced or serviced anytime soon. With minimal to no maintenance the bronze kuzhi karandi is absolutely cost-effective as well.

Sharpens Intellect
Bronze was a must-have in the ancient Indian kitchens. It had not just incredible health benefits but regular usage of bronze utensils enhances the memory as well. It is found to prevent or delay the occurrence of memory loss-related diseases like Alzheimer’s. Usage of traditional bronzeware sharpens the intellect and helps you retain information and recall them better. Serve your cooked gravy and sides with bronze kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal. Make a wise decision today to live wiser.

Reduces Inflammation
Serving and eating from bronze utensils reduces inflammation in the body and gives you a happy and healthier life. Bronze as a metal has got anti-inflammation properties that keep your internal organs all hail and healthy. Protect your body from a whole lot of diseases that can stem from internal inflammation of the organs. Lead a healthier life by going back to the lifestyle of our ancestors. No wonder they had a relatively long and disease-free life. Bring back the regular use of antique metallic utensils to lead a healthier lifestyle. Start with the bronze kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal.

Aids Weight Loss
Including the usage of bronze utensils in our everyday life is not just a smart choice but a healthy choice as well. Cooking and serving in bronze utensils are found to help in the weight-loss process. It aids digestion and improves the metabolism of the body. This helps in burning stubborn fat and catalyzes your weight loss process while used regularly. Hence, there are no reasons for you to still keep using your plastic or stainless steel kuzhi karandi. Replace the ordinary kuzhi karandi with bronze kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal. 

The health benefits authentic bronze utensils bring to the table are impressive. The bronze kuzhi karandi from ETbyKayal is made out of 100% natural raw materials and hence helps you reap the fullest of the benefits of bronzeware. Do not delay. Order from us right away!.

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