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Copper is a metal that is known to have antimicrobial properties. So, by storing water in this Copper water bottle, any bacteria that might be carried over in the bottle is killed after just one or two hours of storage. Apart from this great benefit, Copper also aids in digestion and boosts your immunity.

This copper water bottle has been crafted manually by our rural artisans and the end product is the perfect amalgamation of the ancient and modern. To bring alive a metal that has seen usage since the medieval era through the means of an everyday bottle is most definitely a blessing. This naturally purifying Copper water bottle is available in variants of 600 ml and 1050 ml.

Note: Each of our utensils come with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.

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600 ml, 1050 ml


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