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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 10 cm

Clay Serving Pot

Clay Serving Pot

Indian households have a long tradition of using clay pots for cooking and serving food. This tradition is now diminishing with the arrival of plastic and non-stick cookware that have not just made our food less tasty and unhealthy but also unauthentic.

Clay serving pots from ETbyKayal will enable you to relive the goodness of the past without having to require a time machine. Here is why our clay serving pot will be one of the smartest choices you’ll ever make.

Nutritive Value

Food that gets cooked or served in the modern-day non-stick cookware is no longer healthy as the Teflon coating in these cookware releases toxic chemicals while cooking and even when hot food is transferred to it for serving. This makes the food unhealthy to consume and causes innumerable health issues in the human body. Hence, switch over to clay serving pot from ETbyKayal to ensure that your family is getting served healthy and nutritious food all through the day.

pH balance
Traditionally prepared clay serving pots are alkaline in nature. Hence they help maintain the pH balance in the food served from it. They neutralize the acids that are present in the food and help you serve more balanced food. This perk of serving from a clay pot is unmatchable as no-deal of modern cookware can give us a benefit that can even get close to it.

Naturally made
The clay serving pots from ETbyKayal are made out of 100% natural clay. Each pot is crafted with care by skilled artisans and using traditional methods. This ensures that the clay serving pots are relatively strong and helps you serve your family and guests better with all the goodness traditional clay pottery brings to the table. A perfectly crafted clay serving pot allows heat and air to be circulated throughout the food and helps in retaining the actual aroma and flavors of the food even when served late.

Authentic taste
The authentic taste of traditional kitchens has been long lost amidst the arrival of non-stick Tawas and plastic serving containers. The flavors and the aroma of the spices and other ingredients are lost in the process of cooking and storing them in a plastic serving pot as they are either made up of or coated with chemicals. This tampers the traditional taste of a recipe and doesn’t give you the yum of the food. Clay serving pots are porous and allow the right amount of air circulation to preserve the authentic taste of the food in it.

Boosts immunity
Clay serving pots contain natural minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. Due to this, the nutritive value of the food increases to a great extent and this, in turn, boosts the immunity of the consumer drastically. With minerals like iron that enhance the immunity system of the human body, the mere usage of clay serving pots can ensure better health and quality of life for your loved ones.

Clay serving pots are bio-degradable and hence are absolutely environment friendly. As the world is now beginning to realize the importance of adapting to a more sustainable lifestyle, clay serving pots could be a great addition, in fact, a smart replacement to the plastic crockery sets that have taken over modern kitchens. As the non-stick cookware is non-durable and requires to be replaced time and again, clay serving pots can be used for years together without much maintenance. It hence becomes an eco-friendly alternative to modern non-stick cookware.

This is why clay serving pots from ETbyKayal will be a great choice in terms of health benefits and the environment-friendly aspects of it. Switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle today. May the change begin in your kitchen. Get your clay serving pot from ETbyKayal today.

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