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Iron Dosa Turner

Our Iron Dosa Turners are the secret to flipping Dosas like a true pro. They’re crafted with just the right thickness that makes it easy for you to slide them underneath those thin and crispy Dosas without wrecking the shape. Their long handles help you keep a safe distance from the stove too.

They’re made of pure iron and hence, unlike the flimsy Silicon turners, they’re sturdy, can withstand high temperatures, and even enrich your food with traces of iron that help you fight deficiencies.

Note: Each of our utensils comes with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions, and volume.

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 35 cm


Iron Dosa Turner

Iron dosa turner

Are you a dosa lover? Is your family addicted to the incredible breakfast combo of super-crunchy dosa and hot sambar? Do you want restaurant style crispy hot dosas at home? Do you want to have healthy dosas from the comfort of your home? Have you tried the turner from ETbyKayal, yet?

Most of us use a wooden or a stainless steel dosa turner to cook our dosas. But ETbyKayal presents to you an turner that works like a magic wand with our cast iron dosa tawa. Do you think a dosa turner couldn’t make much of a difference? Read on!

The turner from ETbyKayal gives you crispy hot restaurant style dosas right at home. Here is why this turner is a great alternative to the regular dosa turners in the market.


  • Durability

    iron dosa turner


    from ETbyKayal is extremely durable. The lifespan of a wooden dosa turner is very minimal and hence it has to be replaced from time and again. But the iron dosa turner from our warehouse can be used for years together without any second thoughts.


    iron dosa turner


    requires very less to no maintenance and it only gets better with use. This turner can be passed on to generations as it can withstand high impact and remain intact even after decades of use.
    Sounds impressive? Place your order from ETbyKayal now!

  • Cost-effectiveness
    Though the wooden and the stainless steel dosa turners are cheap, the life span of these dosa turners are very faint. It cannot be used for more than a year or two and hence has to be replaced from time to time.

    The turner from ETbyKayal is made up of 100% natural raw materials. Hence it is strong and practically impossible to break. This eliminates the need to replace the iron dosa turner anytime soon. This incredible quality makes the turner from ETbyKayal absolutely cost-effective too. Bringing home the  turner from us is more like a one-time investment. Why wait? Order from us now!
  • Iron fortification
    The usage of wooden or stainless steel dosa turner does not enhance the quality of the doses that are cooked with the help of it. But the iron dosa turner from ETbyKayal stands out. This iron dosa turner is made up of natural iron and hence brings a whole lot of health benefits along with it. 

One of the core benefits of using our iron dosa turner is that it infuses a good amount of iron into the dosas while the batter is being cooked. This makes the dosas prepared with the help of iron dosa turner, iron fortified to a good extent. Hence consuming dosas cooked with the help of the iron dosa turner from ETbyKayal takes care of some percentage of our body’s daily iron requirements. This in the long run can ensure iron sufficiency and can prevent the incurrence of iron deficiency.


  • Crunchy dosas
    One of the important factors that determine the crunchiness of a dosa is the dosa tawa and the dosa turner combo that is used to prepare it. ETbyKayal presents to you cast iron dosa tawa and iron dosa turner which will help you prepare the best dosas ever, right in your kitchen.

    With the cast iron dosa tawa and iron dosa turner from ETbyKayal you needn’t spend much time, energy and money on visiting your favorite dosa spot anymore. Why buy a dosa when you can make an incredibly tasty one on your own! Excited? Bring home the iron dosa turner from ETbyKayal today!

    These are the top 4 reasons that make the iron dosa turner from ETbyKayal the best choice by all means. Replace your wooden dosa turner with an iron dosa turner from ETbyKayal. Place your order now!


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4 reviews for Iron Dosa Turner

  1. Sreevidya

    Excellent finish, great hold, easily slides under the dosa and magically turns the big dosas, without tearing them. The handle is long and sturdy, and the tip of the turner is made thin and well finished to help slide under the dosa very easily. i am happy with my iron dosa turner!

  2. Vaishali

    The iron turner is definitely a good replacement over the ones made from other material. I loved this product from Essential Traditions.

  3. Nutan Anturkar

    Good and sturdy dosa turner

  4. dhruva

    The turners are handmade by artisans, so the weight and proportions will slightly vary, but otherwise, I like this product very much!

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