Iron Dosa Turners


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You’ve grown up hearing the jangle of dosa turners early in the morning when mom used to cook our favorite breakfasts. Why not bring that satisfying sound of traditionally made iron dosa turners back home?

With the richness of iron and the craftsmanship of skilled rural artisans, these traditional dosa turners offer a sustainable way of cooking without any possible health hazard. These flat spatulas are handcrafted and come in different sizes — large, medium and small.

One of the best things about our iron-made dosa turner is its handle. It is specially designed to help you turn over a dosa easily and quickly while allowing you to keep a safe distance from the oven.

Tips for Usage and Care: As it is perfectly seasoned and ready-to-use, you don’t need anything special to clean it. Washing it with plain water or a mild dishwashing liquid or soap followed by applying a thin coat of oil would be enough.

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