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Authentic taste is brought on by authentic methods. What’s more authentic than a mortar and pestle aka Idikal in tamil made out of Iron? Our grandmother’s kitchen always smelled of the finest meals you’ve had in life and the secret to it, apart from the oodles of love she pours in is the hand-pounded spices. This is one of the reasons why the term ‘Kai Manam’ came into play.

Our Iron Mortar and Pestle is made by the hands of our beloved rural artisans using the finest quality of pure iron. So, when you use this to hand-pound your masalas and spices, not only is it more authentic, tastier and aromatic, but the idikal leaves traces of iron in your masalas, ridding you and your family of iron deficiencies.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.

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