Soapstone White Kuthuvilakku – Pack of 2


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Soapstone White Kuthuvilakku – Pack of 2

Soapstone White Kuthuvilakku - Pack of 2

Kuthuvilakku is an integral part of every Indian household. Our culture, tradition, and religious rituals are all tied around lighting lamps in one way or the other. We believe that lighting lamps dispels the darkness along with the evil and negative energy that prevails in and around us. Though traditionally we have been using lamps made out of different elements, the options we had have narrowed down much into brass kuthuvilakku.

Soapstone white kuthuvilakku was preferred by our ancestors much before the usage of brass kuthuvilakku became prevalent. This is because the lamps made out of soapstones are more efficient than the brass ones. Let’s understand why.

The soapstone white kuthuvilaku from ETbyKayal is durable. It can be used for years together without having to worry much about its maintenance. Soapstone is a hard and durable stone that is almost impossible to break or damage. It can withstand impact 10x times better than its brass counterparts.

While brass kuthuvillaku costs you a dime, soapstone white kuthuvilakku gives you better durability and long usage without leaving a hole in your pocket. This kuthuvilaku is strong and can be used for generations to come without any second thought. Leave behind the legacy of lighting lamps to your descendants with soapstone kuthuvilakku from ETbyKayal. It is more like making a one-time investment in buying lamps after which you need not worry about replacing them for many decades to come.

Easy maintenance
Unlike the brass kuthuvilakku, the soapstone white kuthuvilakku is easy to maintain. While brass gets oxidized and requires you to clean and shine it often, the hardness of soapstone helps you to use these lamps daily without having to spend ample time and energy cleaning it up. A quick regular clean-up once a while will suffice. This makes it not just easy to use but also a lot easier to maintain.

Heat resistance
Soapstone being strong and hard can resist heat from the burning wick to a great level. The difficulty in handling lit lamps and arranging them during prayers, rituals, or festivities doesn’t apply to soapstone white kuthuvilakku. It can be handled quite easily even by children as it is safe in hands and doesn’t heat up quickly. The incredible heat resistance of soapstone will help you keep the lamp lit up for long hours without worrying about the consequences. Hence, soapstone white kuthuvilakku becomes the natural choice for your festival lamps.

Soapstone white kuthuvilaku will look great when lit up in your home owing to the aesthetics it brings with its look. It gives you an authentic experience and will be a great addition to the ambiance of your home.They go well with traditional and classy interiors and give you a calm and relaxing atmosphere to perform your prayers and rituals. Soapstone kuthuvilaku will also elevate the energies of the place they are being placed. Since soapstones bring about positivity and optimistic energies, the soapstone white kuthuvilaku will be a great addition to your sweet home.

Soapstone storage utensils and lamps have been used regularly many years ago by our ancestors. Now that the current generation is at the onset of reviving the lost goodness and the best practices of our culture, we are learning the pros of using utensils, storage containers, and lamps made of soapstone. ETbyKayal brings you a wide range of authentic soapstone utensils and lamps that gives you nostalgia.

This is why soapstone white kuthuvilakku will be the best buy you have made in recent times. It looks pleasant in the eyes, it is durable and easy to maintain and use. So, why think again, bring home your soapstone white kuthuvilakku from ETbyKayal right away. Order from us now!

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