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Soapstone Cookpot 
The world is all set to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle and is looking for eco-friendly alternatives for everyday essentials. Usage of plastics and non-perishables is found to be decreasing due to the positive influence of media and the awareness created by environmentalists and health benefits. Modern-day households are subjecting their kitchens to an eco-friendly makeover, by changing their non-stick cookware for traditional ones.

Traditional metalware and soapstone crockeries are relatively more sought after in recent times as the benefits these utensils bring to the table are being slowly realized. Hopping on to the trend of reviving the goodness of our ancient lifestyle, ETbyKayal brings you a soapstone cookpot as a great alternative to your non-stick cooking vessel.
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1. Durable

The soapstone cookware is super strong and is practically unbreakable. Unlike the modern cookware that requires regular service, the soapstone cookpot from EtbyKayal does not require to be replaced for years. Bring back the tradition of passing on the cookware for generations. Cherish the authentic taste of traditional dishes for years to come with our soapstone cookpot. Switch over to durable utensils replacing your modern non-stick cookware.

2. Incredible flavor

Modern-day cookware tampers the natural flavors and the nutrition of the ingredients during the cooking process. The non-stick Tawas and kadais release toxic chemicals into the food and make it unhealthy to consume. Cooking traditional dishes in a soapstone cookpot gives you a delicious dish with a flavourful aroma. This is because of the purely natural ingredients used in crafting the utensil. The soapstone cookpot crafted by ETbyKayal is acid-resistant and hence the flavors of tomato and tamarind remain untampered while cooking. This helps you serve your family a yummy kuruma or kuzhambu that tastes incredibly well.

3. Designed by experts

The soapstone cookware from ETbyKayal is made by craftsmen of great expertise. The width of the vessel enables easier cooking. Unlike modern cookware, the cooking surface is even and hence the food gets cooked evenly. The soapstone cookpot from ETbyKayal is crafted with precision to give you the best cooking experience. It is available in different quantities to suit your regular and occasional cooking needs. Experience the ease of cooking with the soapstone cookpot from the warehouse of ETbyKayal.

4. Seasoned with Care

Every vessel used for cooking has to be seasoned well for a smooth cooking experience. The surface has to be prepared for cooking to ensure that the ingredients do not stick to the surface of the utensil. The soapstone cookpot from ETbyKayal is seasoned with utmost care before dispatch. We use organic oils to pre-season the cookpot to ensure that it is ready to use when it reaches you. Once seasoned, the soapstone cookpot can be used for years together. The cookware only gets better with more use.

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5. Easy to maintain

Non-stick cookware that has flooded the market requires intense maintenance. Frequent repairs and replacements are not just costly but are also not long-lasting. The soapstone cookpot from ETbyKayal is extremely easy to maintain and absolutely cost-effective. It requires very little to no maintenance and can be used for generations to come. The best part is that it need not be serviced or replenished from time to time. Hence bringing home soapstone cookpot from the house of ETbyKayal is more like a one-time investment.soapstone cookware online shopping 

6. Heat retention

The soapstone cookpot from ETbyKayal helps you save a good amount of cooking fuel. It is made of 100% purely natural raw materials and gives you an amicable cooking experience. Soapstone heats up quickly and helps you cook relatively faster than with ordinary non-stick cookware. The heat retention capacity of the cookware is impressive and helps you serve the cooked food hot even after hours of cooking.

Hence, the soapstone cookpot from ETbyKayal will be a smart investment that will reassure your family of traditionally cooked food, that tastes flavorful, without the influence of toxic chemicals. Bring home soapstone cookpot from ETbyKayal today. Place your order now.

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