Soapstone curd jar

Soapstone curd jar
As the world is fighting the ongoing battle against plastic pollution, it is important to switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle. Replacing small little non-perishable articles at home with eco-friendly ones will be a small act with a great multiplier effect. Taking this situation into cognizance ETbyKayal brings you a great range of traditional cookware and storage containers, that are made of 100% natural raw materials and are completely sustainable.

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soapstone kitchenwareIf you are wondering about how and when you can switch over to traditional utensils, try your hands at the soapstone curd jar from ETbyKayal. Here is a list of incredible benefits it brings to the table:

1. Cooling properties

Soapstone is naturally very good heat-resistant. The cooling properties of the stone are pretty impressive. It hence becomes the best choice to store your curd for a good amount of time. Soapstone keeps the curd cool and prevents it from turning sour too soon. Storing curd can be done even in the absence of a refrigerator with the soapstone curd jar from ETbyKayal. With this jar, store your curd naturally for a longer period without compromising its texture or taste.

2. Variable capacities

ETbyKayal brings you soapstone curd jars in various sizes. Even if you are a family of two or eight we have the best soapstone curd jar that fits your need perfectly. The soapstone curd jar from ETbyKayal is crafted by traditional artisans with completely pure and natural raw materials that are available in different capacities. Using an authentic soapstone jar to store your curd ensures that the goodness of the curd is retained unlike while storing it in plastic containers.

3. Multi-purpose
Curd may not be preferred all through the year as the diet pattern of a family might change to accommodate the change of seasons. So what happens to the soapstone curd jar then? The soapstone jar from ETbyKayal is certainly a great choice to store curd. But, when not used for the purpose, the jar can be used to store other liquid or solid edibles. Soapstone being naturally heat resistant will keep the food fresh for longer hours. The jar is precisely multi-purpose and can be used to store a wide range of eatables.

4. Long-lasting
Do you remember your mother using the vessels her mother or great-grandmother got to pass it on to her? The tradition seems to be long gone right? Not any more. ETbyKayal brings you an authentic range of traditional vessels that are practically non-perishable. The soapstone curd jar from the warehouse of ETbyKayal is supremely durable. The jar is super strong and can last for years together. Now, your jar can be used for generations to come as well.

5. Non-porous
The best thing about the soapstone curd jar from the house of ETByKayal is its non-porous nature. While the surface of other storage containers can get ruptured due to the fermentation process, soapstone is unreactive to the chemical changes that happen to the curd that is stored within it. This makes sure that the surface is smooth and not eroded over time. While an irregular surface paves way for the settlement of bacteria on it, the smooth surface of our soapstone curd jar ensures that the surface remains clean and hygienic and thus becomes a healthier storage option for your kitchen needs.

6. Easy maintenance

While modern-day storage containers that are air-tight plastics are being increasingly preferred, it is quite important to understand that these containers cannot be used for a long period. They either require heavy maintenance or regular replacements to store food safely. With the soapstone curd jar from ETbyKayal, you need not worry about the service of maintenance of the container. The jar can be used for years together with very little maintenance.

This is why bringing home the soapstone curd jar from ETbyKayal will be the best choice to make, to try your hand at traditional kitchen utensils. Take your first step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of life with ETbyKayal. Order from us now.

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