Vettiver hand fan and mask

Vettiver hand fan and mask

Vettiver hand fan and mask
Traditionally, vettiver was one of the natural products that was found in almost every south Indian household. Today, after the wave of modernization swept over most of our traditional natural ingredients out of our homes, the incredible benefits of vetiver seem to be long lost. But even now, there are a few people who realize the goodness of vettiver and the positives it brings to the table.

The awareness around the use and benefits of vetiver has started making rounds in the pandemic world. ETbyKayal brings to you the unmatched goodness of the root through its vettiver hand fan and mask. Here is all you need to know about it before you get one for yourself.

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1. Eco-friendly & natural

Vettiver is a natural root that has got endless health benefits associated with its use. These are purely natural roots that get crafted into hand fans and ground into masks. Vetiveru was an integral part of Indian households that lived a more sustainable and healthier life than we do today.  If you are looking to replace your plastic hand fans with sustainable ones, ETby kayal brings you the traditional vetiver hand fan and mask to make your home a sustainable and an eco-friendly one.

2. Aromatherapy

The smell of vetiver is found to have healing properties by and large. Our ancestors had used vettiver to cure a lot of minor ailments and to ease our major ones. The aroma that is dispersed out of vettiver cures respiratory diseases naturally without induced side effects. This is why using vettiver hand fan will not just give you a breeze of fresh air but also a healthier lungs. Owing to the immense health benefits and natural skin detox properties, ETbyKayal brings you 100% pure and natural vettiver hand fan and mask. Try your hands at it, to experience the goodness of the root.

vetiver hand fan with handle

3. Anti-inflammatory & Antiseptic

About three to four decades before vettiver was used to cover wounds in our rural communities. This is because the roots possess natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.When applied over cuts or wounds the root ensures quicker healing and prevents it from the influence of harmful bacterias and microbes. The smell from the root has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce inflammation in our nerves and detox our respiratory system. When ground into powder and applied as a face mask, the root gives us a clear and glowing skin due to its detox nature. This is why ETbyKayal brings you the best vettiver hand fan and mask in the market to give you the best experience of the medicinal root.

4. Improves mental health
Vettiver due to its fragrance and medicinal properties, helps in reducing anxiety and stress if inhaled for a good amount of time. The medicinal benefits yielded by using vettiver is beyond just physical wellness. While mental health is taking a toss amidst the pandemic bringing home vetiver products will keep you mind stress-free and healthy amidst chaos. Get your vettiver hand fan and mask crafted by ETbyKayal to cherish the physical as well the mental health benefits it does bring to the table.vetiver hand fan with handle

5. Healthy skin

A bright skin might not always be a healthy one. A clear skin that looks and feels healthy should probably be the actual goal of a good skin care routine. The chemical skin nourishment products available in the market yield instant results with a truck load of side effects too. But such transformations are not sustainable. Using vettiver mask often will make positive permanent changes to the tone and texture of your skin. It keeps the skin moisturized and nourished. The aroma of vettiver is also found to rejuvenate the skin cells and make it healthier inside out. The vettiver hand fan and mask from ETbyKayal helps you enjoy the benefits of vettiver – the medicinal root – to make your skin glow like never before.

vetiver hand fan

The house of ETbyKayal owes to bring back the lost traditions along with its unmatchable benefits to ensure that today’s generation aren’t missing out on the goodness and wellness of authentic elements amidst modernization. Bring home vettiver hand fan and mask from ETbyKayal to find out how much you have missed in terms of fresher air and clearer skin for a long time.


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