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Hi, We are Essential Traditions

traditional cookware
When you think of your favourite festival, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If it’s Deepavali, we remember our grandmother, sitting next to a cast-iron Kadai as she tirelessly churns out a thooku full of crispy Murukkus with a warm smile on her face. Pongal brings back memories of happily cheering ‘Pongalo Pongal’ as morsels of warm Sakkarai Pongal bubble away in a traditional brass pot. If it Holi that your heart desires, surely it takes you back to playing with colours and coming back to copper glasses full of comforting Thandai to wash down all the tiredness. As humans, our search for meaning has led us to form traditions that have now, shaped who we are, how our founding fathers were and how our children will be. Traditions give us an identity and help us honour our ancestors and their mindful way of living.

The need to preserve these traditions, the mouths they feed, the harmony they strike and the art they grow is what lay the foundation to Essential Traditions. We started Vaer Organic with a motive to deliver chemical-free food and through Essential traditions, we put forth sustainable and environmentally conscious ways to cook your food. Each piece of cookware bought under our roof is produced manually with naturally existing, raw materials not only benefit your health but also makes room for you to preserve memories of your loved ones.

Somewhere along the line, our busy lives have pushed us to take our traditions for granted. This has led us down a dangerous road of convenient, cheap and chemical coated cookware that may save time but deplete your health and nature in the long run. Let’s get back to our roots, where science met sustenance. Let’s get back to the cooking methods that were honed by generation upon generation of people living in the same land, under the same climate, geographical and political conditions.

Next time you are inclined to share recipes with your loved ones, make sure you share the joy of cooking in traditional methods too. Take a pledge to celebrate the iron Kadai that gives your body the specks of iron you need, treasure the clayware that curbs the acidity in your food and cherish the soapstone vessel that helps you save energy and fuel. This is how we can help preserve the careers of declining artisans whose craft is one of the predominant means through which we can all lead fruitful and mindful lives. They are the ones who make it possible to use bamboo straws over the plastic straws and coconut shell spoons over the plastic cutlery. Maybe it’s time we realize that a cheap price tag comes with a heavy after-cost.

When you visit us, know that we are thankful that you chose conscience over convenience and mindfulness over ignorance. Most of all, we hope that the glory of these innate, heirloom ways of cooking brings you a sense of comfort and takes you on a path of reminiscence.

Your increasing patronage has led us to be a successful and sustainable brand with a wide variety of traditional cooking utensils under our roof. Together, let’s preserve our meaningful and beneficial way of life.