Traditional houseware & cookware



Why go Traditional?

Tasteful Cooking

You can never go wrong with a tamarind ginger gravy cooked to perfection on a well seasoned soapstone Cook-pot. The process of slowly cooking the mixture in a soapstone pot makes it perfect.

Traditional Seasoning methods

We follow age old methods of seasoning our iron, cast iron and soapstone cookware to make it ready to use for today's cooks.

Encouraging dying art forms

Clay pots, hand made iron cookware or hand sculpted granite grinding stones are made by artisans is passed down through generations. By encouraging their art and building a customer base, we are helping them continue a family tradition.

Understanding indigenous practices

What makes a clay pot fish curry taste great? Why season a soapstone pot before using it? We want to understand our age old practices and bring fresh meaning and relevance to today's lives.

Supporting local artisans

If these artisans are not provided with the required support, a part of our culture will vanish along with it. Today more than ever, we appreciate and applaud native efforts.. let's spread this happiness.

Eco friendly products

Our products are made with naturally occurring material without the addition of chemical linings or artificial materials.