Brass Kadai – Tin Coated


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Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.


Brass Kadai
Kadai made of brass with tin lining. The lining is given to make the Kadai useful for cooking curries etc.

It can be used on regular stoves.

Washing instructions: Use any regular dish wash agent for cleaning. Scrub with tamarind and salt mixture removes any stains on the brass.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions, and volume.

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Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 cm

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Brass Kadai – Tin Coated

Brass Kadai Tin - Coated
Traditional metalware was used in almost every household in the good old times. Even a couple of decades ago, we witnessed regular usage of traditional metal cookware and utensils. But now, after the onset of the internet era, the so-called modern times have replaced traditional cookpots, kadais, and tawas with plastics and non-perishables.

The infamous non-tick revolution is the most harmful to our health. Regular use of non-stick cookware and kadais have impacted our health adversely. Hence it is important to get back to the roots and understand the goodness of traditional metal cookware.

ETbyKayal is here to help you in the process. We present to you a wide range of brass cookware and storage containers, that will make your transition towards a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle, smooth. Try your hands at the brass Kadai tin-coated from ETbyKayal. Here is why it would be a great choice in your journey to reap the goodness of the past.


The brass Kadai tin-coated presented to you by ETbyKayal is absolutely eco-friendly. The non-stick cookware and the plastic wares are non-perishables and cannot be recycled or reused or up-cycled. This increases the carbon footprint on the planet. This inability to repurpose it in the future, makes the modern-day cookware serve more like a use and throw utensils, which can hardly be used for a couple of years. The brass Kadai tin-coated is purely sustainable and environment friendly as it can be both recycled and upcycled. It can be used for generations to come as the lifetime of these utensils is almost forever. Take the first step towards replacing your non-perishable cookware with environmentally friendly ones. Start with brass Kadai tin-coated from ETbyKayal.


The non-stick Tawas are marketed to be cheap and easy to maintain. But the cost that is incurred by replacing the Teflon coating and its service and maintenance is purposely being hidden from the consumer. The non-stick kadais can be hardly used for a year or two. Within which the cost of maintenance is high as well. The brass Kadai tin-coated from ETbyKayal is made up of 100% natural raw materials by skilled craftsmen. They are sturdy and hard and can withstand high impact. The brass Kadai tin-coated can be used for years together, without having to worry about replacing it anytime soon. The utensils only get better with use. It also requires very little to no maintenance to work wonders in your kitchen for decades to come. Hence the brass Kadai tin-coated is the best choice.

Improves immunity

Immunity is the need of the hour. Especially when the world is fighting a virus, it is a key priority to keep your immunity on point. Acquiring instant immunity is impossible. Hence it is important to make positive lifestyle modifications to ensure that your body becomes immune naturally, over time. The goodness of brass combined with tin in a kadai is a great source of immunity. When food is cooked in the brass Kadai tin-coated, the goodness of zinc is added to the ingredients that are being cooked. Hence consuming brass utensils is found to enhance the immunity of the consumer in the long run.

Healthy Skin

This generation is witnessing a whole plethora of skin problems. This is sadly topped with excessive hair loss. This can be attributed to the change in cooking patterns and eating habits by and large. Regular cooking and eating from brass utensils will increase the secretion of melanin in your body. This will in turn help the skin and the hair to feel and look healthy inside out. Bring home the brass Kadai tin-coated from EtbyKayal to ensure that your family eats healthy cooked food that is free of toxins. When you eat healthy cooked food, it shows.

Still thinking? The brass Kadai tin-coated from ETbyKayal is the best buy in terms of both the financial and physical well-being of your and your loved ones. Place your order with us now!

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