Brass Coffee Davara & Tumbler


Brass Coffee Davara & Tumbler in Matte finish

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Brass Coffee Davara & Tumbler

What is your morning cuppa came with its own history? When you sip on Filter Coffee from our Brass Coffee Dawara set, every sip takes you back to a time when quality overtook convenience and there existed a meaning behind every choice and method.

To our ancestors, taste alone wasn’t the end goal, they believed food and the process of making it, to have healing properties. Hence, the use of Brass, which is known for its therapeutic properties to make this Coffee Dawara set became an obvious choice. Not only does this traditional utensil make your coffee taste more authentic, but it is a much more nourishing choice for the family too.

Made manually and intricately in accordance with the craftsmanship of the Kumbakonam artisans, this Brass Coffee Dawara set will give you an authentic experience of making and drinking Filter Coffee, in the true blue Kumbakonam style.

Note: Each of our utensils come with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.

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Weight 160 g
Dimensions 6.5 cm


Brass Coffee Davara & Tumbler

Brass Coffee Davara & Tumbler- Matte Finish

What does it take to have an amazing morning coffee? Not too much. ETbyKayal brings to you the best brass coffee davara set for coffee lovers. You needn’t run from pillar to pillar to have a flavourful coffee anymore. Why spend time and money looking for a good coffee place when you can make a great coffee right at home?

Here is why the brass coffee davara set from ETbyKayal is the best.

The coffee preparation process has changed over the years. But the love for it hasn’t faded at all. South India is home to one of the best coffee cultures in the world. Get a typical south Indian coffee experience right from the comfort of your home with the brass coffee davara set from ETbyKayal. The brass coffee davara set from us is crafted by skilled artisans using 100% natural raw materials. Brass has been a beneficial metal that has found its special place in traditional Indian kitchens. The benefits of brass are innumerable. The generations before us had realized that big-time. Using brass utensils is not just aesthetics. It is a health partner as well.

Aroma & Flavor

The stainless steel coffee davara set has diluted the authenticity of traditional coffee. The uniqueness of Indian coffee lies in the aroma and flavor it provides. Having a flavourful cup of coffee first thing in the morning helps us kick-start the day with great energy and enthusiasm. The brass coffee davara set from ETbyKayal is made up of authentic brass metal and hence the aroma of the coffee is retained. The incredible flavor will give you the booster dose every morning. Who would want to miss out on an opportunity to have an incredible morning coffee without having to run to their favorite coffee? Bring home the brass coffee davara set from ETbyKayal for great mornings.

Purifies Blood
Brass as a metal is great in terms of durability as well as the health benefits it provides to the consumer. No wonder our ancestors cooked their regular meals in brass cookware. Regular use of brass utensils is found to purify the blood in the human body. It has natural detox properties that eliminate impurities in the bloodstream and will keep you all hail and healthy in the long run. The brass coffee davara set thus does more than just give you an amazing morning coffee.

Melanin production
Eating or drinking from brass utensils is found to have increased the production of melanin in the human body. The brass coffee davara set from ETbyKayal is made out of pure brass that ensures that the melanin production is increased naturally. This results in an overall healthy hair and skin texture in the long run. Thus, replacing the ordinary coffee davara in your kitchen with the brass coffee davara set from EtbyKayal is nothing but a smart choice to make. Why wait? Place your order with ETbyKayal today! Kick start your day with an amazing cup of super-hot coffee with ETbyKayal.


The usage of brass utensils for cooking, serving, and drinking increases the immunity and strength of the body. That is the power of brass. Why not get these health benefits while you sit and take a sip of your favorite homemade coffee? Immunity is one of the most essential aspects of healthcare. Especially during tough times like the pandemic, enhancing the strength and immunity of the body becomes inevitable. Hence it is important to make an informed decision when you are picking up a utensil for your family. The brass coffee davara set from ETbyKayal does the magic. It gives its users the best of both worlds. Taste and health.

Still, thinking? Place your order for the brass coffee davara set from ETbyKayal without any second thought. Could there be a better option? We don’t think so. Contact us now!

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