Brass Murukku Achu


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Brass murukku achu

A Brass Idiyappam Press is a handy tool that you must have in your kitchen. It is made with pure brass and comes with four attachments that can be interchanged individually using the screw at the bottom. From Mullu Murukku and Ribbon Murukku to Idiyappam, many of your favorite festival delicacies can be made using this versatile kitchen gadget.

Our ancestors invested in kitchen gadgets and utensils that not only made our food tastier but also restored good health. Brass is one such metal that is known for its therapeutic properties. It helps aid digestion, boosts your immunity and also helps condition the food cooked in it. This made it the perfect choice for gadgets that can be used everyday like the Brass Idiyappam Press. Choose this as an alternative to the cheap, chemical-laden and hazardous gadgets and live a mindful life.

This Brass Idiyappam Press has been handcrafted by rural artisans. It is an heirloom gadget, so with proper care, it can be passed on from one generation to many others.

Note: Each of our utensils comes with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions, and volume.

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Weight 980 g
Dimensions 9 cm

Brass Murukku Achu

Brass Murukku Achu
A couple of decades ago, preparing festive sweets and savories at home was as interesting as the festival in itself. This beautiful tradition was looked forward to before every big festival our families celebrated. But the art of preparing sweets and snacks at home has faded over the years and the act of buying them from our favorite snack outlet has become the trend.

There could be a plethora of reasons behind this. But the most important one is the unavailability of a good authentic murukku achu. Commercial murukku achus made by non-professionals are more often than not inconvenient and unhandy to use. The murukku achu made by ETbyKayal is handy and super-easy to use and maintain. Here is why, the brass murukku achu from ETbyKayal will be the best buy:

No amount of sweets and savories bought from commercial outlets will beat the taste and authenticity of home made murukkus. At home the special ingredient of love is always added to every delicacy making it mouth-watering all the more. The brass murukku achu is absolutely authentic and helps us get the original taste of the recipe flawlessly. Recreate the magic of your granny’s achu murukku right in your kitchen with the brass murukku achu from ETbyKayal. Place your order with us now!

Preparing achu murukku for festivals is a tradition. Now that it is fading, ETbyKayal aims to revive it. Bring home the brass murukku achu from our store. Indulge yourself in the process of preparing crispy and tasty murukkus for festivals and special occasions. Let your kids experience the joy of making murukku just like you did. Share the joy and happiness of festivals and auspicious days by gifting your homemade murukku achus to your near and dear ones. Here is a great start to revive the goodness of the past. Why think? Get your own brass murukku achu from ETbyKayal today.

The brass murukku achu from EbyKayal, is cost-effective. The murukku achus from our warehouse are crafted by skilled artisans using 100% natural raw materials. The brass murukku achu can be used for years together without looking for replacement or repair. EtbyKayal’s brass murukku achu only gets better over time. Hence it is not just a great buy in terms of utility but in terms of budget as well.

The dependency on plastic storage containers and non-stick cookware has increased to a great level. These options that were found to be pocket-friendly are certainly not eco-friendly. In a time when there is a dire need to switch over to a sustainable lifestyle, we do not have a way out other than going back to our roots. Our ancestors led a more environment friendly lifestyle by using earthenware and traditional metal utensils for all their cooking and storing needs. It is high time we follow their footsteps. Bring home the brass murukku achu from ETbyKayal as a great start towards your journey to a lifestyle that is one with nature.

Unlike the regular ones, the brass murukku achu from ETbyKayal doesn’t undergo wear and tear. This is because our murukku achus are made up of strong brass that ensures absolute durability. It can withstand high impact and can be used regularly for decades to come. The murukku acchus are crafted to perfection, giving you your favorite snack in desired space and size. Remember, your mother had utensils used by your grandmother? Now you can pass on your utensils with your recipes to the generations to come. WIth an incredible range of authentic cookware and utensils from ETbyKayal, use good, healthy, traditional and durable metalware across generations.

Having second thoughts? Think no more! Order your brass murukku achu from ETbyKayal today!

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