Brass Pooja Hand Bell


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Brass Pooja Hand Bell

The gleaming charm of Brass aka Pitalai (in Tamil) never fades. It has been used since the medieval era in India to sculpt our beloved gods and goddesses. So, what better metal to use in crafting the divine bell?

Crafted by the hands of experienced rural artisans, our Brass Bell is adorned by an intricate Nandi figurine that pays an ode to spirituality in ancient India. This detailing along with the use of this pure and auspicious metal makes this a divine addition to your pooja room.

This magnificent bell is available in small, medium and large sizes. Bring it home and let yourself be drawn to the positive vibrations it brings with its harmonious sound.

Note: Each of our utensils come with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.

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Brass Pooja Hand Bell

Brass Pooja Hand Bell

Prayer is an integral part of every Indian household. We have traditionally incorporated the incarnation of pooja rooms in all our houses. We offer our daily prayers before we start our day. Three things make the prayer offering more special. Light, handbell, and flowers. Without these three elements, the offering is never complete. As a means of invoking the blessing of the creator, we ring the handbell while we pray.

Usage of brass pooja handbell is a traditional ritual. The enchanting sound it brings during the entire prayer is scintillating and soothing. ETbyKayal presents to you authentic brass pooja hand bell. Here is why it will be your best buy in recent times.


The brass pooja hand bell presented by ETbyKayal is absolutely authentic. The aesthetic value it adds to your pooja room is incredible. Dive into the depth of spirituality with the handbell awakening your spirits and making you one with the divine. It is more than just an aesthetic element in the house. It is an element that aids the spiritual well being of a family. Hence make a wise choice and replace yoru ordinary pooja handbell with the authentic brass pooja handbell from ETbyKayal.


The tradition of using brass pooja hand bell is found to be decreasing. People have now resorted to the regular handbells that sound far inferior than the traditional ones. BRing home the ambience and the positive vibrations of praying in a temple with the brass pooja hand bell from ETbyKayal. Revive the tradition of offering your prayers and performing your daily spiritual rituals with the brass pooja handbell. Let the sounds and vibrations similar to that of the temple bell surround your family and fill it with optimism.


The ritual of using a brass pooja handbell is to invoke the presence of God amidst us. When prayers are offered daily, the grace and blessings of the gods are believed to be received by the family and the firm believers. A perfect prayer is incomplete without an enchanting brass pooja hand bell from ETbyKayal and indulge in utmost divinity by invoking the blessings of the lord through divine awakening.


The brass pooja handbell from ETbyKayal has been one for years. It won’t undergo wear and tear anywhere in the next few decades. You need not think of replacing it anytime soon. The brass pooja hand bell is made by artisans with high expertise and skills. The raw materials used are 100% natural and hence it can withstand high impact. The brass pooja hand bell will be a great buy before the upcoming festive season. If you are a family that offers regular everyday prayers then the brass pooja hand bell from ETbyKayal is the best buy for your home.

Eliminate negativity

Using the traditional brass pooja handbell along with a lit arthi while offering prayers to God every morning, is believed to ensure a natural detox of negative energy within the house. The sounds produced from the brass pooja handbell is of the frequency when goodness, greatness, health and wealth can be attracted. Hence it is important to replace the ordinary handbell with the brass pooja handbell in order to benefit from the goodness it brings. A perfect handbell when rung during the prayer is found to eliminate chakra imbalances and keeps us hail and healthy from within.

These features highlight how the brass pooja hand bell from ETbyKayal is unique and useful on a daily basis. Experience spirituality at its best with the well-crafted pooja handbell to invoke the presence of the God. Why think? Place your order with us today!

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