Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa


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Remember the delicious dosas your amma used to make on a flat cast iron tawa? Want to recreate the magic in your kitchen? Get this cast-iron flat dosa tawa to make dosas that taste just like your mom’s.

A flat cast-iron tawa has been (and still is) a must-have item in traditional South Indian kitchens. Not only does it helps to make your dosas crisp and tasty, but it also imparts trace iron to your food, making it healthier.

Our flat cast-iron tawa is pre-seasoned and designed with a perfectly flat and thick base that allows you to make thin, delicate, and evenly cooked dosas. This tawa is also great for making fluffy rotis/chapatis and parathas.

Tips for usage and care: You should wash it after every use and season it, as and when needed. It’s advisable to smear some cooking oil over it to prevent rusting.

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