Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa with Double Handle


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Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa with Double Handle – No.1 | Best in town

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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 30 cm

Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa with Double Handle

Cast iron dosa tawa
Did you know that the non-stick tawa you use is harmful to your family? Are you aware of the fact that the dosa that you prepare on it is turning toxic? Here is your wake-up call. The modern-day non-stick cookware that you are using could look fancy, but it is unhealthy.

This awareness hasn’t reached many. Most people still prefer modern-day cookware. But those who are woke, have understood the importance of cooking in traditional cookware. The new-gen kitchen is being upgraded to authentic metallic cookware. This is found to be one of the reasons why our ancestors lived healthily. If you are not sure why and how to switch over to traditional utensils, we are here to guide you. The cast iron dosa tawa from the house of ETbyKayal will be a perfect starter. Still unsure? Well, read on!


Traditional cookware is made up of authentic metals. This makes the utensils strong and almost impossible to break. While the modern non-stick dosa tawa requires constant service and a great degree of maintenance, the cast iron dosa tawa from ETbyKayal is impressively durable. It can very well be used by generations to come. Bring back the tradition of passing down the utensils along with the recipe. Get your own cast iron dosa tawa now.

Easy to maintain

The cast iron dosa tawa like all the other traditional utensils is extremely simple to maintain. With minimal care, the cast iron dosa tawa can give you hot and crispy dosas time and again. The best part is that the dosa tawa only keeps getting better with use. Unlike the modern tawas, you need not recoat it with teflon periodically. It has got a natural non-stick surface that prevents the batter from sticking onto the surface while cooking. This is why the cast iron dosa tawa is the best buy.


Non-stick dosa tawas that have flooded the market do not remain non-stick for a long time. Eventually, as the teflon coating ceases to exist, preparing dosas will become a nightmare. To get rid of the menace, we might have to service it and get a new teflon coating for a hole-in-the-pocket kind of amount. The cast iron dosa tawa crafter by ETbyKayal is cost-effective since it is more like a one-time investment. Once brought home, it can certainly be used for years together.

Healthy cooking

The teflon coating in modern-day dosa tawas releases toxins into the batter while the dosa is being cooked. This gives you and your family an unhealthy breakfast. Most people are unaware of the toxic nature of the chemicals that mix with our food. To ensure a healthy breakfast for your family, switch over to the cast iron dosa tawa from the house of ETbyKayal. This decision will not just ensure a hot tasty dosa for your loved ones but also a healthy one.

Crispy dosa

There is a common myth that dosas are crispier only in non-stick dosa tawas. But the truth appears to be very far from this. Traditional metal utensils are naturally non-stick and help you cook without getting the food stuck on the surface of the pan or kadai. The cast iron dosa tawa from the warehouse of ETbyKayal gives you the authentic paper roast right in your kitchen. The surface of the tawa once seasoned will give you a natural non-stick surface to prepare your dosa. Why consume toxins for a crispy dosa when you can have it healthier?

Best choice

The cast iron dosa tawa will be an all-around best choice of utensil if you are looking to try your hand at traditional cookware. With this, you need not worry about replacing your dosa tawa often or replenishing the teflon coating frequently. This will be one of the best decisions not just for the comfort of your kitchen but for the well-being of your family as well.

Come join the club of woke people who are switching over to traditional cookware. As the modern kitchens are getting an authentic make-over, bring home the best cast iron dosa tawa in town. Add it to your cart now.

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