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Ammikal was extensively used in South Indian kitchens to grind masalas for gravies.  A heavy base with grooves and dots all over are made by hand with a sharp tool. A cylindrical stone that rolls over the base is used to mash the ingredients and make a paste. This is a tool that is a permanent member of almost all of our rural kitchens.  It passes on from one generation to the next. As the stone is used regularly, the surface becomes smooth out which makes it difficult for the grinding. Therefore the hand tool is used to make fresh grooves on it. Making fresh grooves on ammikal used to be a full time occupation for village folk, who travel between villages making grooves.

Small Ammikal Dimensions:

Length: 10 inches

Breadth: 6 inches

Height: 2 inches

Weight:  8 kgs

Big Ammikal:

Length: 12 inches

Breadth: 8 inches

Height: 2 inches

Weight: 10 kgs

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