Seasoned Cast Iron Aappa Kadai

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Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.


Iron Aappa kadai

Did you know? Non-Stick Appam Pans leave behind traces of harmful chemicals. Its coating wears off quickly, making it all the more hazardous for your body. Replace your non-stick Appam pans with old-school Cast Iron Appam Pans that enrich your body with traces of iron that helps you fight Iron deficiencies.

They don’t consume oil, they retain heat that spreads evenly, making it possible to cook up soft, authentic, and lacy appams. Moreover, they’re manually made with the finest grade of Iron, making it sturdy enough to last for many generations.

Size – 9.5 inches in diameter.

Each of these Cast Iron Appam Kadais is seasoned by us over weeks at a stretch with a whole lot of love and care so that you can put it to use immediately.

Note: Each of our utensils comes with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions, and volume.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 6 cm

Seasoned Cast Iron Aappa Kadai

Best Aappa Kadai

Still, worried about where to find the best aappa kadai for your kitchen? You are in the right hands. The awareness to cook healthy and eat clean is being spread across the internet like a wildfire. Today’s generation is on the outlook for creating a more sustainable lifestyle. The modern-day kitchen is undergoing a drastic transformation. People are switching over to traditional cookware and utensils from the non-stick ones available all over the market.

Finding a good aappa kadai to replace your old non-stick isn’t difficult anymore. The best aappa kadai in the vicinity is brought to you from ETbyKayal. Here is everything you need to know about the kadai before you add it to your cart.

Long life

ETbyKayal crafts the best aappa kadai in business. The raw materials used in making the kadai, make it completely durable. A good aappa kadai is the one that lasts for years together. But this will be the best aappa kadai you’ll find because the iron casting is practically indestructible. You can pass on the kadai to many generations to come and continue the legacy of cooking delicious appams. You can forget replacing the aapa kadai for the next few years as the utensil is not bound to get weary any time soon.

Authentic taste

A classic aappam can be relished only when cooked in a traditional aappa kadai. The taste and the texture of the aappam is unbeatable with the best aappa kadai from ETbyKayal. Modern kadais are coated with a teflon layer, which can alter the actual taste of the food. This coating releases toxins in the due course of cooking the food. This not just messes up with the flavour, but also negates the goodness of a healthy cooked food. The best aappa kadai is the one that preserves the texture of the aappam along with the original flavours. And here is your chance to bring one home.

Healthy cooking

The importance of eating clean is being stressed now more than ever. People are also switching over to healthier alternatives when it comes to food. But, healthy food beigns with healthy cooking. Modern day non-stick pans are coated with layers of teflon. This releases harmful chemicals into our food, making it unhealthy to consume. The best aappa kadai from the house of ETbyKayal is made of purely natural metals. It ensures that the food is cooked healthy, justifying the fact that it is the best aappa kadai in the market.


One of the most toughest tasks in managing a modern kitchen is the maintenance of crockery and utensils. While modern non-stick aappa kadais claim to be easy to maintain, the truth appears to be a lot different. The best aappa kadai from ETbyKayal is well-known for its easy to maintain surface. It assures minimum maintenance and maximum durability and hence rightly acknowledged as the best aappa kadai in the market.


The best aappa kadai is being made at ETbyKayal as it is the most efficient kadai with a reasonable price. Getting a cast iron aappa kadai is more like a one-time investment as the longevity of the product is truly impressive. The same kadai cam be used by generations to come, due to the strength and hardness of the metal. The best aapa kadai once seasoned will only get better with regular use. It need not be serviced or repaired time and again like we have to do with the other non-stick kadais.

Goodness of Iron

Iron is an essential nutrition and hence one cannot ignore its importance. Ensuring that sufficient iron intake is satisfied from our daily idiet is pivotal. While iron deficiency has become a very persistent problem cooking in the cast iron aapa kadai from ETbyKayal gives you a double win. This utensil from the warehouse of EtbyKayal is claimed to be the best aappa kadai as the goodness of iron gets dispersed in the food during the course of cooking.

The benefits that a cast iron aappa kadai brings home is truly immense. Now, switching over to the best aappa kadai from the house of ETbyKayal will not be just an intuitive choice but also an informative one. Cook classic aappams with the goodnes of iron as a wholesome and healthy family meal.


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1 review for Seasoned Cast Iron Aappa Kadai

  1. Lakshmi Prasad (verified owner)

    Aapa kadai is really good.strong one.I use it for making appam and also for sauteing veggies.Tastes awesome.I really do appreciate the customer service.They respond promptly to all your queries and concerns.

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