Back to Roots, FIKA, Adyar (April, 2020)

5th April, 2020 | 10AM to 6PM   |   FIKA, Adyar, Chennai

Back To Roots is nothing but a santhai (farmer’s market) reimagined. It is our way of paying an ode to customs, processes and traditions that have been passed on generation after generation to preserve a functional and meaningful way of life. Here, you will get to meet brands and producers who are working tirelessly towards building our food economy. The brands and products they bring to the table are manually made, unadulterated and economically conscious. To put it simply, they would measure up to the impeccable standards of our forefathers. From your morning eggs, wholesome grains, heirloom food to traditional kitchen equipment, everything that you find on display at our Santhai will take you back to your grandmother’s home and reinstill the same sense of warmth. Most of all, you’d be happy to know that everything you find under our roof is sustainable, seasonal and local.

Why must you visit us?

For the first Sunday of each month, farmers, eco-conscious food producers and rural artisans will wear the hat of a retailer and bring their priceless produce directly to the community. Come with your family, meet them, uncover the importance of their practices and help your children discover where their food comes from and why it is important to preserve and carry forward our traditions. Come one, come all to eat, shop, socialize and celebrate the traditions that give meaning to our society. They are after all one of the key contributors in building, defining and sustaining our food economy. 

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