Brass Coffee Filter and Davara Set Combo


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A South-Indian kitchen is incomplete without this traditional Brass Coffee Filter. Spoonfuls of freshly-ground coffee powder is filled in the upper compartment. Boiling water is then poured over it and the lid is closed. Slowly, drops of freshly brewed aromatic decoction trickle to the lower compartment. This decoction is then mixed with milk and sugar to make your morning cuppa.

Many steel filters have now replaced the ancient Brass filters, but when it comes to its taste and therapeutic properties, Brass filters are truly unmatched. These Brass Coffee filters are truly timeless and with proper care, they can last through generations.

So, if you love your morning coffee, give it a traditional twist by making it in one of our Brass Coffee Filters, made manually by our rural artisans. This Combo comes up with one Coffee Filter and 2 Davara Set.

Coffee Filter Capacity


Medium-150 ML

BIG – 300ML

Note: Each of our utensils comes with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

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Brass Coffee Filter and Davara Set Combo

Brass Coffee Filter and Davara Set Combo

Tired day? How about a traditional hot kaapi to make things better? What if we tell you that you needn’t go to your favorite cafe for a traditional filter coffee anymore? No, we aren’t kidding. How about having the best filter coffee right from your couch? With brass coffee filter and davara set combo from ETbyKayal experience the taste of authentic filter coffee. Here is why it is the best combo you can invest in for a great coffee time.


Coffee is a beverage. Filter coffee is an emotion. Filter coffee is more than a beverage in South Indian families. The day doesn’t start without a hot brewing cup of filter coffee for most of us. For some of us this morning coffee time is the best part of the day. ETbyKayal is sworn to bring back the tradition of making the traditional filter coffee at home without having to settle for half-hearted coffees made of instant coffee powders. Using the brass coffee filter and davara set combo from ETbyKayal brings back the tradition of making a filter coffee at home that stands unmatched even with the coffee from the best cafe in town.


We have been forced to consume instant coffee powders since the authentic coffee filters weren’t trending anymore. Now that we miss the authentic south Indian filter kaapi we are trying to relive the custom of preparing the authentic hot filter coffee at home. We are one of those who missed it dearly. Hence we have decided to launch the brass coffee filter and davara set combo to ensure that the present generation can relish on the authentic filter coffee without having to spend much or leave their house. The combo offers a great deal and is economically efficient as well. Stop spending a hefty amount for a good filter coffee. Bring home the brass coffee filter and davara set combo from ETbyKayal and create the magic at home.


Brass coffee filter has been a reliable instrument for preparing great coffee not just because it is traditional, but because it is hygienic as well. Preping and consuming from brass utensils is found to reduce inflammation and keeps your body healthier. The goodness of brass in the brass coffee filter and davara set combo will help in detoxicating the body from the ill effects of harmful bacteria in your body. This is why the brass coffee filter and davara set combo is a great alternative to the instant coffee you have every morning.


Consuming from brass utensils will catalyze the wound healing process and help in the formation of new blood vessels. Replacing your stainless steel or your non-stick utensils with brass ones will give you a great deal of advantage in terms of health benefits.Consumption from Zinc utensils have been found to have improved memory power in the long run as well. Just like the brass coffee filter and davara set combo strong and durable, it ensures that the consumer is all hail and healthy as well.


The brass coffee filter and davara set combo locks in the aroma for a longer duration and gives you an aromatic hot filter coffee every time. This is because the heat retention is better in brass utensils and hence gives you a head start every morning. Who doesn’t want to start their day with a freshly prepared hot flavourful coffee that is prepared in a traditional way? Experience the authentic filter coffee with brass coffee filter and davara set combo by ETbyKayal.

Get an incredible filter coffee everyday with the brass coffee filter and davara set combo from our warehouse. Why think? Place your order from ETbyKayal today!



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