Seasoned Cast Iron Rustic Tawa


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Seeing mom preparing perfectly round and puffy rotis used to be the best time of the day because you knew that dinner was ready. Do you still remember the black tawa that she used to make the rotis? It was a cast iron tawa just like this one!

This rustic cast iron tawa can be used to make your favorite dishes, including roti, dosa, appam, and so many other dishes.

Our cast iron tawa is traditionally designed and will take you down the memory lane. Besides generous heat retention and even heating, this tawa is suffused with iron, so it increases the nutrition quotient of your food.

Tips for usage and care: Seasoning a cast iron cookware from time to time is necessary. Just wash it, pat dry, and apply cooking oil. It will not only prevent rusting but also enhance the texture of the tawa with every use.

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