Varalakshmi Vratham & Strengthening Sisterhood

Every year, on Varalakshmi Vratham, women worship goddess Varalakshmi for the well-being of their family. It is believed that worshipping Varamahalakshmi is equivalent to workshiping Ashtalakshmi, the eight goddesses of Wealth, Earth, Wisdom, Love, Fame, Peace, Contentment, and Strength.

Now history aside, this festival more than anything captures sisterhood in many waves. In most families, three generations of women come together to celebrate & prepare for this auspicious day.

The littlest one wakes up with glee knowing that they will get to play with the Kozhukattai dough and add on to the kolam of their mothers with their own little creations. The mother is a busy woman to catch on this day, soaking rice to grind & make Kolam with, getting Mango leaves ready for décor, soaking lentils for Vada & legumes for Sundal, the prep is daunting. But what’s reassuring? The grandmother of the household steps in and prep takes place together.

Contributions little & big, from the women of the household come together as the worshipping begins, leaving hearts little & big with hopes & promises of good health & wealth.


In those moments of hurrying, in those moments of prepping, cooking and decorating, are little hidden moments. Moments where a mother tells her child the history behind her Iron kadai, the humble Kal Chatti. Moments where the grandmother sneaks in a morsel to her granddaughter & its okay because the little one is the personification of the goddess. Moments where the daughter in law and Mother-in-law praise each other’s cooking.

The celebration lies in these moments & the festivities lie in those smiles.

As the worshipping comes to a close, comes the most important time of all, that time when they get to enjoy a meal together as they share that meal with neighbours, family & friends, all near and dear, who fill those vessels with sweets and savouries for you as they return the dabba you gave them. This to us is, sisterhood, pure and true visiting once every year like the rainbow that pays us a visit after the rain.

On this nostalgic note, we wish you and your loves ones a very Happy & Fulfilling Varamahalakshmi Vratham!

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