Bronze Cook Pot with Lid

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Bronze Cook Pot or Vengala Paanai (in Tamil) is an auspicious utensil that is gifted endearingly, to a new bride for her to cook her first Sakkarai Pongal during the Pongal festival. The Vengala Paanai is then used on special occasions to cook rice, make Sakkarai Pongal, and even Arisi Upma with a crispy outer layer.

Cooking and eating the food made in these vessels provide the body with many of the essential micronutrients. Bronze is made with a combination of Copper & Tin and this metal blend helps your body to be rid of acidity and in Ayurveda, bronze utensils are also said to neutralize Vata and Pitta.

However, steer clear of cooking Tamarind based meals in your Bronze Cook pot as the metal leeches onto the food rendering it inconsumable.

From ancient times, Bronze has been used auspiciously to make sculptures of our beloved gods and goddesses. So, buy yourself this as an ancient keepsake to remind you of your ancestors and their incredible way of life. Let this tradition be passed on through generations by the means of the precious Vengala Paanai. They are available in capacities of 3, and 4 ltrs

Note: Each of our utensils comes with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions, and volume.

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Bronze Cook Pot with Lid

Bronze Cookpot with Lid
Traditional metal utensils have become a thing of the past. Our ancestors were wise enough to make the best use of earthenware and other traditional metalware since they had realized the immense health benefits they bring to the table. The modern kitchens have been taken over by and large by the plasticware and the non-stick cookware, which are found to do more harm than good to the human body.

Did you know that you put the health and wellness of you and your loved ones at stake with regular use of non-stick cookware and kadais? As the world is shaken by the detection of microplastics in the human bloodstream it is high time that we switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle.

EtbyKayal is here to make the transition a lot easier. We bring a whole range of traditional metalware that will be a healthy and smart replacement for toxic non-stick cookware. We present to you, bronze cookpot with lid. Let’s find out why this is the best alternative by all means.


Cooking with bronze cookpot with lid will add a traditional touch to the food that is being cooked in it. It does not just add an aesthetic look to your kitchen it also helps you in keeping the tradition of cooking in metal cook pots alive. This ensures that the traditional recipes are cooked authentically. The food that is cooked in bronze cookpot with lid is unaltered by the release of toxic chemicals by the Teflon coating in the non-stick cookpots. Relive the goodness of the past with bronze cookpot with lid from EtbyKayal. Let your children relish healthy cooked food from traditional metalware, just like you got to do as a kid.

Bronze as a metal is highly recommended for cooking, storing, and serving food due to the endless health benefits it brings to the table. It is absolutely healthy to cook your meal in a bronze cookpot with lid from ETbyKayal because food cooked in bronze utensils is found to promote great digestive health. It purifies the food and reduces the acidity of the ingredients. This makes the food easily digestible. Moreover, cooking in bronze utensils also enhances strength and improves the immunity of the body. While immunity is the need of the hour, it is essential to make necessary changes to our everyday life to keep our loved ones safe from uncertainties like the pandemic. 

The bronze cookpot with lid from ETbyKayal is made of 100% natural raw material and it is crafted by skilled artisans with a whole lot of expertise. Hence, the bronze cookpot with lid is extremely durable and can withstand huge impact. It is more like a one-time investment because it can be used for generations to come without having to repair or replace. With little or less maintenance the bronze cookpot with lid can last for decades even with regular use. So, why wait? Order your bronze cookpot with lid from ETbyKayal today!


The taste of the meal prepared in bronze cookpot with lid is unmatchable. The food that is cooked in non-stick kadais and cook pots is seldom rich in aroma and flavor. This is because the Teflon coating releases harmful chemicals into the food during cooking. Hence the taste of the food being prepared isn’t great even though it is unhealthy. Cooking in bronze cookpot with lid retains the flavors and the aroma of traditional spices and retains the goodness of the ingredients that are being added to the recipe. Hence bronze cookpot with lid from ETbyKayal ensures that the food is tasty as well as healthy for your family.

Do not delay any further. Bring home your bronze cookpot with lid from EtbyKayal today. Order from us now!

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  1. Usharani

    Very neatly packed and glad that I made a right choice for the store as well as products.

  2. Rekha

    This is the first time I am purchasing from this website. Useful website .

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