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Big230 g7 cm16 cm 300 ML 3 INCH
Small100 g6 cm13 cm 180 ML 2.5 INCH
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Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions and volume.


A South-Indian kitchen is incomplete without this traditional Brass Coffee Filter. Spoonfuls of freshly-ground coffee powder are filled in the upper compartment. Boiling water is then poured over it and the lid is closed. Slowly, drops of freshly brewed aromatic decoction trickle to the lower compartment. This decoction is then mixed with milk and sugar to make your morning cuppa.

Many steel filters have now replaced the ancient Brass filters, but when it comes to its taste and therapeutic properties, Brass filters are truly unmatched. These Brass Coffee filters are truly timeless and with proper care, they can last through generations.

So, if you love your morning coffee, give it a traditional twist by making it in one of our Brass Coffee Filters, made manually by our rural artisans. They’re available in Small (150 ML), Medium (200 ML), Big (250 ML) and Large ( 300 ML) variants.

Note: Each of our utensils comes with an instruction card on maintenance and long-term care.

Images are representative. Our products are handmade by artisans and may slightly vary in size, dimensions, and volume.

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Brass Coffee Filter

Brass Coffee Filter
Filter coffee is one of the identities of South India. Does our day even start without a cup of aromatic hot filter coffee? But the ecstasy of having a morning coffee has been diluted with the advent of instant coffee powders. We have started looking for cafes and coffee houses for a good cup of aromatic filter coffee.

We are here to revive the golden tradition. Yes, with ETbyKayal relishes authentic filter coffee right from the comfort of your home. ETbyKayal brings to you a brass coffee filter to add sunshine to your mornings.

Here is why we are the house of the best brass coffee filter in the business.

The usage of traditional metal utensils has faded over the years. The goodness of brass utensils has been long forgotten. Modern-day cookware has invaded our kitchens by and far. Coffee filters have become a thing of the past. Let’s bring back the tradition of making filter coffees at home. Move on from the disappointment of instant coffees. Experience the goodness of homemade filter coffee like our ancestors with a brass coffee filter by ETbyKayal.

Aroma & Flavor
The aroma and the flavor brought about by the authentic filter coffee are unmatchable. No expensive coffee shop can overpower homemade coffees. Preparing your morning coffee with a brass coffee filter will give you the best coffee experience day in and day out. The brass coffee filter from EtbyKayal is made out of 100% natural raw materials. Hence the coffee filter keeps the aroma and the flavor of the coffee intact. Experience the best coffee ever with a brass coffee filter from ETbyKayal.

Builds Immunity
Preparing your morning coffee with the brass coffee filter from ETbyKayal is not just great in terms of the flavor but also in terms of the health benefits it brings to the table. Eating and drinking from authentic brass utensils are found to have a positive impact on the strength and immunity of the human body. 

Health Benefits

Brass induces the production of melanin in the body and this results in healthy hair and skin inside out. When used regularly, brass metalware is found to cure respiratory disease like asthma. One of the most significant properties of brass is detoxification. Preparing meals and beverages in brass metalware aids in the purification of blood in the long run. Hence, the brass coffee filter from ETbyKayal doesn’t just give you and your loved ones a great cup of coffee, but also gives you amazing health benefits.

The brass coffee filter from ETbyKayal is crafted by experienced artisans and hence is absolutely durable. The brass coffee filter is strong and can withstand impact to a great extent. Hence it can be used regularly for years together without having to replace or service it. The brass coffee filter from ETbyKayal can be used for generations to come without any second thoughts.

Bringing home a brass coffee filter from ETbyKayal is more like a one-time investment. It is absolutely cost-effective. It is hence not just a smart choice in terms of your health but also a financially good decision as well. You need not look for a replacement for your brass coffee filter anytime soon. Save up a huge portion of money that is spent on expensive cafes in want of a good coffee. Make a steaming hot filter coffee in your very own kitchen. 

Why wait? Do not settle down for the taste of instant coffees anymore. With the brass coffee filter from ETbyKayal begin your day with a brimming cup of hot coffee. Still thinking? Place your order with us now!

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