Brass Engraved Spice Box


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Brass Engraved Spice Box

Brass Engraved Spice Box

A spice box is an essential element in every Indian household. The flavors and the authentic taste of Indian cuisine is loved across the world due to the aroma and the spice brought about by our traditional spices. It is important to store these spices in a proper manner to ensure that the aroma and the freshness of these are preserved until they get cooked.

Brass Engraved Spice Box gives you the best storage experience just like traditional Indian kitchens. Here is what you need to know about it before you choose to bring it home:


The brass engraved spice box is a great alternative to the plastic spice jars that are being used. As the world is trying to minimize the usage of plastics and is trying to switch over to a more sustainable and an eco-friendly lifestyle, brass engraved spice jars would be a great start to the transition. This spice jar is sustainable as it need not be replaced anytime soon and can be used for years together. Made of natural raw materials, this spice jar is one of the best eco-friendly buys you will make.

Premium quality
The brass engraved spice jar from ETbyKayal is made out od 100% natural metals and hence are of supreme quality. Each spice box is crafted by seasoned craftsmen and hence are authentic and strong. They can survive damage and years of usage with minimum maintenance. Get a premium quality spice storage jar for your kitchen from our warehouse.

Aromatic spices

The most important feature that has to be checked while choosing a spice jar is its capacity to store the spices in an air-tight enclosure. This is vital in retaining the aroma and the flavors of the spices. Plastic storage boxes that have flooded the market lack this authenticity and let the aroma escape out of the storage box. This reduces the quality of the spices stored and does not add to the great taste of the dish while cooking. Brass engraved spice box, is completely airtight and helps retain the aroma of the spices for a long period of time. This results in great delicious food the taste of which gets elevated with the addition of well preserved spices.

Healthy storage

Brass engraved spice box is not just a wise choice but also a healthier one. While the plastic spice storage boxes seldom add goodness to the spices, brass engraved spice boxes will ensure that the spices are free from microbes and bacteria even when stored for a long period of time. The tin coating has got a natural antimicrobial property that keeps spices fresh and bacteria-free even in damp conditions. A moisture soaked set of spices will do more harm than good to the flavor of the food. Hence the brass engraved spice box will make sure that the food on your plate is tasty, healthy and authentic.

While the lifespan of plastic storage containers is only a few months, the brass engraved spice box can be used for years together with minimal to zero maintenance. They are strong and almost impossible to break and hence can be passed on to generations to come. Choosing to buy a brass engraved spice box is more like an one-time investment as it can be used for years together and can still keep the spices fresh and authentic just as new.

Smart choice
The natural properties of brass combined with the expertise of ETbyKayal brings you the best brass engraved spice box in town. This makes it a great buy while you are trying to replace the plastic containers in your kitchen with traditional metalware. It gives you a healthy, safe, and cost-effective storage space for your spices and that is why it is a great choice in every dimension.

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