Best traditional cookware

Best traditional cookware

Best traditional cookware

Wondering why everyone is switching over to traditional cookware? Are you unsure of where to find the best traditional cookware in town? We are here to help.

Anybody would kill for the food prepared by their grandmamma. The food out of our granny’s kitchen tasted so much better and authentic than ours. There certainly was a secret behind it. It wasn’t just a secret ingredient, but also a secret cookware. Traditional cookware that was used before three to four decades gave our ancestors the best out of both worlds. They ate a healthy as well as a tasty meal every day.

This realization has led to the transition from modern cookware to traditional ones. Here is all about what, why and from where you could bring the best traditional cookware home.
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Traditional flavors

The flavors of a food decide how palatable it is. The authentic flavors of a cuisine, especially the south Indian ones, are preserved best by the traditional cookware. Cooking in traditional utensils gives us an unmatchaed taste, aroma and flavour which can never be experienced from cooking in modern cookware. The house of ETbyKayal brings you a wide range of the best traditional cookware. With this cookware, recreate your granny’s magic in your own kitchen. Unlike the modern pans and kadais, the traditional utensils keep the goodness of the ingredients and can give you an incredible food nostalgia.

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Traditional cookware gives you a great value for money. While the modern day pans and utensils require regular service, they also demand a great maintenance. The authentic cookware from the warehouse of ETbyKayal is cost-effective as they require very little maintenance. We bring you the best traditional cookware available in town, made of purely natural raw materials.It is more like a onetime investment, where you can use this range of cookwares for years to come, without having to replenish or replace.

Healthy cooking

A healthy food is as equally important as a tasty food. The modern day cookware that has a non-stick Teflon coating is found to release toxic chemicals into the food during cooking. The cooked food hence turns out to be unhealthy and is proven to be the source of a sad number of ailments. The best traditional cookware range from ETbyKayal gives you an easy cooking experience and healthy cooked food. The nutrients of the ingredients get kept in the cooking process, giving you a nutritious meal free from toxic chemicals.


The longevity of these utensils are truly magnificent. Now, you can pass on these traditional utensils for generations to come. They only get better with use and are practically indestructible. These strong metals withstand overuse and never result in wear in tear like the modern utensils. These range of utensils are truly qualified to be classified as the best traditional cookware available in the market.

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Scientific back-up

cooking in authentic metal cookware is not just a tradition. It also has its own set of scientific facts to back it up. Metals like iron, brass and white tin are sources of nutrients that are absolutely necessary in constituting a balanced diet. Essential nutrients like iron get added to the food while we cook in traditional vessels made up of iron. The whole range of metallic cookware presented by ETByKayal is found to be the best traditional cookware as its usage is scientifically proven to give you a healthy cooked food.

Join the revolution

Today’s generation are becoming more aware of the benefits of traditional cookware. The switch over to traditional cookware from the modern ones is fast-paced and is much needed. The amount of toxic chemicals that have entered the food chain is scary. At this juncture, the best traditional cookware from ETbyKayal comes to the rescue.

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Today, make a smart choice to switch over to traditional cookware and reap the boundless benefits it yields. Bring home the best traditional cookware from the house of ETbyKayal and ensure healthy cooked food for you and your loved ones.

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